Hoff’s Banshee import Brazil

ADBA registered
D.O.B:  October, 2 2016
Pedigree (click here)
Banshee came to us from one good Brazilian kennel
Color: chocolate
23 kg weight, 50 cm height
Scissors bite, full teeth

Banshee is an excellent  terrier with a lot of drive. She’s very functional dog. As a good APBT, she has high DA and no HA. We have big plans for Banshee in sport competitions and conformation shows during 2018. Keep in touch with us


— Candidate into Champion of Ukraine
— Best Female

*April, 2 2017: very perspective-2 (puppy class) at Conformation show “The cup of Tavria”. Zaporizhzhya, UA
*April, 22 2017: very perspective -2 (puppy class) at Pitbull Championship. Kharkiv, UA
*April, 2 2017: very perspective — 1 (puppy class) at conformation show “The cup of Airis”. Kharkiv, UA
*September, 23 2018: excellent-1, CAC, Best Female.  Conformation show “The cup of Khortitsa”. Zaporizhzhya, UA

Banshee at 7 months old

Banshee at 6 months old

Banshee at almost 5 months old

Banshee is 6,5 months old here. Training for future long jump competitions. She took 205 cm here. It was trainigs on nature