ABKC bully show in Moscow

Congratulations to the graduate of our kennel “Dognik Bulls” on her victory at the ABKC American Bully show in Moscow!
American bully Dognik Bulls Loona took first place in the female class in the “standard” type at the first show. And second place in American Bully females in the “standard” type at the second show. ABKC exhibition in Moscow February 10, 2024.
By the way, Dognik Bulls Loona is the champion of Belarus according to the BKO-FCI version! And also the top American Bully dog of 2021 and 2022 according to BKO-FCI! In Belarus, where Dognik Bulls Loona lives, American bullies can officially participate in FCI shows. Therefore, our Dognik Bulls Loona is a star in both the ABKC and FCI systems.
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ABKC bully show in Moscow. American bully show ABKC in Moscow