American Bullies: Pros and Cons

The American Bully breed is quite young. Founded in the 1990s in America. It gained popularity in Europe 20 years later. Therefore, people still have many questions related to bullies. For example: what breeds of dogs were American Bullies bred from? What is the difference between American Bully Pocket and American Bully XL? Is it true that Merle American Bullies can be very sick and deaf?
I am a breeder of American Bullies — Veronika Voitovska. In our kennel “Dognik Bulls” we are engaged in the maintenance, breeding, and popularization of the American Bully breed in the “pocket”, “standard”, “classic” types. I will tell you the real pros and cons of the American Bully breed, as the owner of these dogs since 2011.
American Bully pros:
1. Kindness to people. Indeed, American Bullies were bred to have a very gentle and kind character. So that they can live in a family, not be very businesslike and arrogant dogs. To get along with children. In fact, bullies were bred as an alternative to the more active pit bulls and Staffordshire terriers. At the same time, outwardly, American bullies look more powerful and more intimidating, although in their souls they have the character of the kindest creatures.
2. No zoo aggression. Yes, this is usually the case with American Bullies. Breeding is aimed at obtaining the most loyal dogs that can live and walk with other dogs without problems. In our American Bully kennel “Dognik Bulls” all dogs sleep together. And they are not aggressive towards each other, even if they eat food from the same bowl.
3. American bullies are officially allowed in many countries of the world (unlike American pit bull terriers and American Staffordshire terriers). You will not need to obtain many additional documents and licenses when you decide to buy a bully puppy.
4. Variety of colors. This is truly a paradise for aesthetes. Unusual lilac, blue (gray), blue tricolor, lilac tricolor, red, white, black and other colors. All of these colors are acceptable in the American Bully breed. You may also see merle American bullies (an unusual spotted color). And although American Merle bullies cannot officially compete at ABKC shows (the main breed organization), they can be bred and bred. And anyone can buy an American Bully puppy in an unusual merle color. In our nursery “Dognik Bulls” we get bullies of the following colors: red, chocolate, chocolate tricolor, lilac tricolor, blue tricolor, blue, lilac.

I’ll show you a few American bullies from our kennel. And I will continue to talk about the disadvantages of the American Bully breed.
American bully kennel
American Bully cons:
1. High risk of joint diseases. Since the American Bully breed is quite massive and heavy, the load on the joints is large. Therefore, you need to carefully raise a bully puppy, following all the recommendations of an experienced breeder. The foundation of a bully’s health is laid in the first 12 months of life. Therefore, it is important not to miss the moment of proper growth and development of joints and ligaments.
2. Due to the desire of some unscrupulous breeders to get American Bullies as wide and powerful as possible, many body systems suffer. Especially the cardiovascular and pulmonary systems. This is expressed in rapid fatigue during physical activity. For example, many American bullies of the pocket type, even in winter, cannot walk at a walk (not at a run) for more than 30 minutes. They just lie down on the ground and rest. In summer, these dogs do not walk at all, they lie under the air conditioner and sleep. In our American Bully kennel “Dognik Bulls” we give birth to only healthy dogs. Our bullies walk, run and jump. They even participate in sports competitions. Here is an example of American Dognik Bulls in sports:

3. A very common problem in American bullies is the absence of phalanges of the fingers. Most often on the little toes of the front paws. In our kennel we do not have such dogs and we do not produce such puppies. But if you have been in the breed for a long time, look at a lot of photos and videos of American Bullies, then you will see what I am talking about. Take a closer look at the paws.
4. The presence of animal aggression and aggression towards people in American Bullies XL. This applies specifically to the XL type. Large dogs — pit bulls, Staffordshire terriers, and American bulldogs — were added to them. And the American Bulldog is a large dog with protective qualities, which in its blood carries wariness towards strangers.

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Our American Bullies live in 25 countries around the world. We arrange delivery anywhere in the world. The price of an American bully puppy in our kennel: 2000-2500 euros.
Sincerely, head of the nursery Veronika Voitovska.

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