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The main character traits of the American Bully, which have been bred for decades: friendliness to people and pets, great love and affection for their family, non-conflict character, lack of anger and aggression.

Are all American Bullies friendly to people? For the most part, all representatives of the breed are very good with people. This breed was bred according to this principle, therefore this quality of character is well fixed in the American Bully. Although in some countries, for example in America, the American bully XL is taught to protect and protect the owner, distrust of others, but this is the choice of the owner of each dog. As an American Bully kennel owner, I don’t see the point in having a breed that is good with people and then training it to be not so good with people. It is better then to immediately buy a service breed dog.
Is it true that American bulls don’t fight other animals? As a rule, bully females are calmer, more peaceful and friendly. Males too, but let’s not forget that a male is a male. He still cares about his family, his territory and is more demanding of other animals. This does not depend on the breed, this quality is inherent in males in principle. Any males with well developed instincts. If you want to buy a good American Bully puppy, it is better to consider a female. The option that this dog will be as friendly as possible to everyone is more than if you buy a male American Bully.
-American Bullies love their family very much. This is a proven fact. Our Dognik Bulls kennel has a very large number of bullies and I guarantee you that they are excellent family dogs.
— The non-conflict nature of the American Bully. Bullies were bred to be powerful, showy companion dogs, but with an affectionate disposition. They really avoid conflicts as much as possible and do not react to the provocations of other dogs. Also, they do not try to dominate in their families, but they perfectly understand their place in the family. Like a beloved pet.
American bulls were bred not to be vicious or aggressive. This trait can be found in some individual dogs, but in general, the breed is characterized by the absence of aggression and zooaggression.
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