American bully kennel Finland

American bully kennel Finland
Welcome to the page of the Finnish American Bully kennel «Dognik Bulls». For almost 10 years we have been the owners of this breed and we can tell you everything about it. Every year 2-3 American Bully litters are born in our kennel and we have Bully puppies for sale.
What is the personality of the American Bully from Dognik Bulls? Our dogs are family dogs, they love and appreciate their family very much. They love walks and travel, hiking in the forest and to the river / lake. They are great in cars and public transport. Friendly with other dogs. But remember: males in any breed are always more serious than females. Therefore, we do not sell American Bully males to families that already have males. But with pleasure we will offer you to buy a soft and kind female.
What does an American Bully from Dognik Bulls look like? These are medium sized dogs (Pocket and Standard), with good anatomy. They are strong, with large embossed heads, with good wide nostrils, which allows them to breathe well and are not afraid of heat. All dogs are well muscled. Our main colors in the Finnish American Bully kennel are lilac, blue, tricolor, chocolate okram.
We brought our first American Bullies from the USA, Italy, Russia (but they were born from dogs from the USA). Years later, we have our own breeding which we are very proud of. In our kennel of the American bully Finland Dognik Bulls, puppies are born in the «pocket» type and the «standard» type.
What is the price of an American bully in Finland kennel? We keep the average price for quality dogs, which is 2000-2500 euros. Why is this price higher than the price for an American Staffordshire Terrier or American Pit Bull Terrier puppy? The American Bully is a fairly massive breed. Raising a heavy breed puppy costs more than raising a light breed puppy. This is more vitamin, more chondroprotectors for paws, hips, joints and ligaments. Puppies and adult dogs of the American Bully generally require more care. Even food for American Bullies is no longer bought for medium, but for large breeds and is more expensive.
Often, American Bully females give birth via caesarean section. Why is that? This feature was passed down from the ancestors of the breed, the English Bulldogs. Caesarean section in our country costs about 800 euros. Whereas females of the American Staffordshire Terrier or American Pit Bull Terrier are more likely to give birth themselves. Not always, but more often. For the average owner who is just looking to buy a good American Bully, this is not so important. But if you are going to buy a female and have children from her in the future, think about it in advance. You should have a good veterinarian in your city ready to help you with your birth.
In the American Bully breed, many more colors are acceptable than in other breeds — these are rare lilac, blue, tricolor, merle.
Let me show you what our adult American Bullies look like from the Dognik Bulls kennel:

If you want to book an American Bully puppy in our kennel, write to us. Be sure to tell us about yourself: your name, age, where you live (country, city, apartment or house), how many people you have in your family, whether someone is allergic to animals, whether there are small children in the house and how many there are. Are there other pets in the house and how many are there? You can write here:
Instagram: dognikbulls
Whatsapp +358414925166
Then we will decide what type, character, color, gender of the puppy you want. We will decide which mating in our kennel suits you. If the puppies have already been born, you can pay a booking deposit (500 euros of the total price of the puppy). If the puppies of the desired parents have not yet been born, you also pay a reservation deposit for the right to choose. 1,2,3 the right to choose a male or female. This means that when the puppies are born, you will have 1,2 or 3 choices of a puppy at 4 weeks old. By this point, you will have received many photos and videos of puppies and will choose your friend. If you live near us, you can personally come to meet all the puppies. Puppies leave for new homes after the first vaccination, with a registered microchip, with a pedigree, with a European veterinary passport. If you live in another country, consider shipping costs. You can come for a puppy in person. Or we can ship the puppy by a licensed animal transport company (you pay).