American bully: photo, breed description, character, price

American bully: photo, breed description, character, price
Welcome to the American Bully Dognik Bulls kennel. I will tell you about the American Bully breed, character, price. I will show you photos of American Bullies from our kennel. After all, only the breeder and the owner of the kennel will be able to tell about the bully and describe the breed.
We have been living and working with the American Bully breed since 2016.
American Bully Description: These are powerful, agile, family companion dogs. They were bred from American Pit Bull Terriers, Staffordshire Terriers and Bulldogs. Therefore, they took different traits of character and appearance from their ancestors. The birthplace of the American Bully breed is the United States of America.
American Bulls have strong bones, well-developed muscles, powerful heads and strong lower jaws. There are several types of American Bullies. The smallest are pocket bulls. Medium — bully standard. The largest are the American Bully XL. In our kennel we keep American Bullies in the «Pocket» and «Standard» types. You can buy a puppy from us.
American Bully Personality: They are friendly dogs. They love people and animals. They live in families with children of any age. Males are slightly more serious than females.
American Bully price. The average price of an American bully in our kennel is 2000-2500 euros. The price of a bully puppy depends on the mating (mating in the kennel or mating with going abroad), on the specific puppy and its anatomy and prospects for exhibitions and breeding.
Photo of an American Bully from the Dognik Bulls kennel:

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