American bully price

American bully price
What usually determines the price of a puppy or an adult American Bully?
1. The quality of the bully puppy itself. If the puppy does not have marriage, breed defects, then it costs more than other puppies in the litter. Depends on the head, bones, width of the chest, paws, and so on.
2. From the pedigree of the litter. If these are rare, exclusive, sought-after bloods, all puppies of this litter are expensive.
3. From whether there was a mating within the kennel or it was an exit mating. The cost of mating in our country with an American Bully male is 1500-5000 euros. Exit matings 3000-10000 euros, plus travel expenses.
4. Sometimes girls are more expensive than boys. But not always. In our American Bully kennel Dognik Bulls, more often than not, boys are more expensive than girls.
5. Titles of parents, their victories in famous exhibitions of the country and abroad.
6. Some colors are more expensive. For example, puppies of the American bully of lilac, blue, tricolor colors are more expensive.
7. Within the same litter, the difference in price for each puppy can reach 1500 euros.

In our kennel, the average price of an American Bully is 2000-2500 euros, if it is not an exit mating. From 3000 euros, if the knitting is away. Outbound matings of American Bullies are a rush of new, good bloodlines to their even and well-known, well-established breeding. Travel matings are necessary for the development of the kennel and the American Bully breed.
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