American bully puppies 2022

American bully puppies 2022
In our kennel Dognik Bulls you can buy an American Bully puppy. At the moment there are puppies in the «pocket» type and the «standard» type. Here I will show the puppies in the «standard» type.

The father of the puppies is a male imported from America. Champion of the country, father of champions in the FCI and ABKC systems. Tested for health, tested for offspring, tested for genetic breed diseases. Pedigree Nickname: 815 Bully Camp Noise. The male has a powerful, pedigree head, scissor bite (ideal for the breed standard).
The mother of the puppies was brought from Russia. Great producer. This is her second litter from this male. Pedigree nickname: Valor Inter Plato Afelia Diamond. The female is strong, large, in the «standard» type. Scissor bite (ideal for the American Bully breed standard).
In the first mating of these parents we got strong, well muscled, powerful American Bullies. By nature, they are good family dogs, while with a serious appearance. All dogs have a delicate silver color (lilac and lilac tricolor), they have no allergies and good health. Strong joints and ligaments, a good respiratory system and a healthy heart.
The purpose of the re-breeding was to produce the same extraordinary litter and to reinforce the typical stock in our American Bully kennel Dognik Bulls. We used the following bloodlines in this mating: Dax, Phenom, Status.
Below are photos of all puppies of the litter. Several puppies are for sale. How to buy an American Bully 2022 puppy in our kennel is described under the photo of the puppies.
Girl Dognik Bulls Ji-An

Girl Dognik Bulls Seo-Ah

Girl Dognik Bulls Ji-Woo

Girl Dognik Bulls Soo-Ah

Girl Dognik Bulls Seo-Yun

Girl Dognik Bulls Ha-Yoon

Boy Dognik Bulls Yeong-Ho

Boy Dognik Bulls Min-Ho

The price of an American Bully puppy 2022 from this litter is 2000-2500 euros. Booking deposit 500 euros (included in the total price of the puppy). To discuss the details of buying an American Bully puppy from Dognik Bulls, write to us:
Instagram- dognikbulls
We deliver puppies all over the world: in Europe, the CIS, the USA. All puppies leave at the age of 7-8 weeks with the first vaccination, European veterinary passport, registered microchip, American pedigree. If the rules for importation into your country require an older age, we are ready to keep the puppy until the desired age for a small payment of expenses.
Sincerely, Veronika Voitovska, owner of the American Bully kennel