American Bully puppies, buy from a kennel

Puppies are expected at the American Bully Kennel “DOGNIK BULLS”. The birth of American Bully puppies is early June 2024.
Mom: Dognik Bulls Lilibet. Brought from Russia. Has no breed genetic diseases. Friendly, active, very agile American Bully. Fully complies with the breed standard. In the «pocket» type. Lives in our kennel, along with other dogs. Walks every day with our one-year-old child and the neighbor’s children.

Dad: Chaw Li Iva San Attilus. Brought from Russia. Does not have breed genetic diseases (tested for: degenerative myelopathy, hyperuricosuria, neuronal lipofuscinosis type 4, neuronal lipofuscinosis type 10, retinal atrophy type 1, retinal atrophy type 2). Titles: Champion of Latvia, Grand Champion of Belarus. Winner of “Bully Show-2023”. Very friendly male. Absolutely loyal to strangers, to other dogs, to children. Has a balanced nervous system.
What do you need to know before buying an American Bully puppy from the DOGNIK BULLS kennel?
First. We care about all our puppies and it is important to us what families they go to. Therefore, when you communicate with a nursery representative, please tell us about yourself. About your experience with dogs (even if you don’t have any, tell us about that too). How big is your family? Does anyone in the family have allergies?
Second. All of our American Bully puppies go to new families with a full set of documents. Each puppy will be wormed at least three times. Will be vaccinated (one vaccine if the puppy leaves after 8 weeks and 3 vaccines if the puppy leaves after 12 weeks). 3 vaccines are a complete set of vaccinations. Depending on your country of residence, one vaccine may be enough for your puppy to go to a new family, or you may need to get all three. We understand that you want to get your American Bully puppy as soon as possible. Therefore, we will tell you about the rules in your country and offer the most convenient option. All puppies have a microchip and registration documents. All puppies will have a European veterinary passport. All puppies will be sold with a sales contract. Bonus from the kennel: we provide a 20-page instruction manual on the proper raising, nutrition, and education of an American Bully puppy. It tells you what you can and cannot do with your puppy. How and what to teach him. What to feed and how often. In general, it contains answers to all the basic questions that you may have in the first year of your puppy’s life.
Third. What color and type will our American Bully puppies be? We are waiting for puppies mainly of the “pocket” type, perhaps a few puppies will be of the “classic” type. The “classic” type is a dog that is slightly taller and lighter in bone structure. We are waiting for American Bully puppies only in blue tricolor and plain blue colors.
Fourth. What is the price of an American Bully puppy from the DOGNIK BULLS kennel? Since this is an out-breeding, this means that the male from which the puppies will be born does not belong to our kennel. These are additional large expenses for travel, payment for mating, the mating itself, and preparation of additional documents. The price of an American Bully puppy will be 3000 euros. Puppy booking deposit — 500 euros (included in the total price of the puppy). The reservation deposit is paid when reserving a puppy (by right of choice: first or second choice of male/female) or after the birth of the puppies, if there are still unbooked puppies at the time of birth. Typically, some American Bully puppies are already booked before birth. Therefore, consult with your family, decide who you want: a boy or a girl. And write to us to reserve a wonderful American Bully puppy.
Fifth. We deliver our puppies all over the world. Usually this is personal delivery, but sometimes with couriers. Or you can come to the kennel to pick up your American Bully puppy in person. We are glad to meet you, we will show the mother of the puppies and you will personally see how ideal this dog is. Our American Bullies live in 26 countries around the world. Our experience in delivering puppies is enormous.
To buy an American Bully puppy from the kennel, write to us:
Instagram: dognikbulls
Photo of parents of American bully puppies together:

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