American Bully puppies in Dublin

Our Dognik Bulls kennel has American Bully puppies for sale in Dublin! From an imported pair of parents. The parents were brought from two different Russian kennels.
Mother: Dognik Bulls Lilibet. Has no breed genetic diseases. This is her second litter of puppies. The first puppies were born from an imported American male. All puppies were sold throughout Europe. They grew up to be adult American Bullies with excellent personalities, active, with large beautiful heads.
Father: Chaw Li Iva San Attilus. Champion of Latvia, Grand Champion of Belarus, winner of the American Bully Specialty Show “Bully Show-2023”. Has personal certificates for the absence of diseases characteristic of the American Bully breed.
The puppy’s price is 3000 euros. All puppies are wormed, vaccinated in accordance with age and European Union animal welfare requirements, with a registered microchip, ABKC pedigree, and a European Veterinary Passport.
If this is your first American Bully, then you are very lucky. Only our American bully kennel Dublin “Dognik Bulls” gives instructions. This memo describes how your puppy grew and developed. How to feed him properly, walk him, educate him. 20 pages of the most useful information.
Before leaving for a new family, each American Bully puppy is additionally examined by a veterinarian. And he receives a note about this in the veterinary passport. This guarantees both us, the breeders, and you, the buyers, that you are 100% buying a healthy, happy American Bully puppy.
To buy an American Bully puppy in Dublin, write to us:
Instagram: dognikbulls
Pre-bookings for other puppies are also open at the American Bully Kennel Dublin.

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