American Bully puppies summer 2024

Puppies are expected in the American bully kennel “Dognik Bulls” in the summer.
We are waiting for puppies from three breeding pairs. All American Bully puppies will be born in the summer 2024.
1. Pocket type and classic type. Parents: Dognik Bulls Lilibet x Chaw Li Iva San Attilus. Both parents were brought from Russia. Genetically and veterinarily tested. All puppies will be blue tricolor and light blue.
2. “Pocket” type and “classic” type. Parents: Dognik Bulls Soo-Ah x Chaw LiIva San Attilus. The mother of the puppies was born in our American Bully kennel. Father was brought from Russia. All puppies will be lilac, lilac tricolor, blue, blue tricolor.
3. “Standard” type. Parents: Valor Inter Plato Afelia Diamond x 815 Bully Camp Noise. Parents were brought from America and Russia. Tested. We have already had two litters of puppies from these parents. Gorgeous dogs that have captured the hearts of people around the world. We are waiting for the birth of only lilac puppies and in the “lilac tricolor” color.

American bully kennel
The price of puppies is 3000 euros. This price includes the puppy, vaccination according to age, anthelmintics, European veterinary passport, ABKC puppy card (pedigree). Also, before departure, each puppy is additionally examined by a veterinarian with a health stamp in the European passport. Included with each American Bully puppy you receive a sales contract and a care and education instruction sheet.
To get more photos and videos of parents, get more detailed information about each pair of parents, write to us. Tell us about yourself and your experience with dogs in the first message:
Instagram: dognikbulls
Our American Bully puppies live in 25 countries around the world. That’s why we have delivery. Even if you live in the North Pole, we will help organize delivery. The main thing is that we like you as the future owners of our American Bully puppy.
If you are looking for “where to buy an American Bully puppy”, then write to us. Even if you are planning a puppy not in the summer of 2024, but later. In our nursery, matings occur several times a year. Therefore, we will tell you about our future plans. And together we will find you the perfect American Bully puppy. Which will suit your family in size, color, character. We have lived with American Bullies since 2011. We have the best nursery for adult and American Bully puppies. Additionally, as a physician, I pay special attention to the health of our American Bullies. We breed only examined, healthy American Bullies. Our nursery even has a personal microscope! To examine our American Bully puppies and adult dogs in even more detail and in a timely manner.

Sincerely, owner of the kennel- Veronika Voitovska. Doctor.
Expert dog handler. Animal psychologist.

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