American bully puppies
American Bully puppies for sale, Dognik Bulls kennel. We have been working since 2011, very extensive experience in cynology and breeding. Our dogs live in 20 countries of the world. Kennel owner: certified cynologist-breeder, doctor.
Now available: 2 girls in the «pocket bully» type (lilac and blue). 2 lilac boys in standard bully type. 4 purple girls in standard bully type.
Puppies are born from two breeding couples. Parents were brought from America, Spain, Russia.
Photos of American Bully puppies:

Mom of American Bully puppies in the «pocket» type:

Mother of American Bully puppies in standard type:

All puppies are dewormed three times. When moving to new homes, they have vaccinations, a European veterinary passport, a microchip and registration in the European animal database, ABKC pedigree. Memo for the first year of life on nutrition, education, anthelmintics, treatments for fleas and ticks, dirofilariasis.
Puppies are raised in the forest, in an ecologically clean place. They already walk in the yard, make friends with other dogs of the kennel, communicate with children and people. Very contact, kind, courageous puppies of the American Bully. Fully socialized for their age. They love people very much, they go to everyone’s hands, they are happy to get acquainted with everything new and explore new territories.
The parents of the puppies are healthy dogs, do not have ataxia (a genetic disease of American bullн). They do not have allergies.
The price of a puppy is 2000 euros. Delivery of a puppy is paid separately. You can come to our kennel for your puppy and choose him personally. Or we can help you choose a puppy by video link and photos. And we will help with delivery to your country. We ship puppies all over the world.
If you want to buy an American Bully puppy, write to us:
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