American bully puppy gray

The official American Bully kennel “DOGNIK BULLS” will have gray (blue) puppies.
The parents of the future puppies are imported, brought from two different Russian kennels. Color: blue tricolor. They will produce American Bully puppies in “gray/blue” and “blue tricolor” colors.
Photo of parents together:

The puppies’ father is Champion of Latvia, Grand Champion of Belarus, winner of Bully Show 2023. Participant and winner of exhibitions in different countries. Has personal certificates for the absence of genetic diseases. Nickname: Chaw Li Iva San Attilus.
The mother of the puppies was brought from Russia. This is her second litter of puppies. The puppies in the first litter grew up strong and beautiful “pocket” type. Active, friendly, with good mental health and health. The mother of the puppies also does not have breed-specific genetic diseases. Nickname: Dognik Bulls Lilibet.

If you want to buy a “gray American Bully puppy”, then write to us at the nursery:
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What is the price of a gray American Bully puppy? All puppies from these parents will cost 3000 euros (both blue and blue tricolor). Booking deposit — 500 euros (included in the total price of the puppy). Puppies can go to new homes after 8 weeks of birth. All American Bully puppies will be wormed several times, vaccinated, with a registered microchip, with a European veterinary passport, with an ABKC pedigree. Only in our American Bully kennel, we give an additional large reminder for each puppy. It describes how your puppy grew and developed, how to feed him correctly, and how to introduce him to everything new in this world. And other important information, exclusively from us. This will help you raise a cool and healthy dog and train your American Bully puppy correctly and on time.
While the puppies are still in the kennel, they all undergo early socialization. This is getting to know other people, different children, other dogs, a cat. This is a walk in the nursery and in the forest. This is training to trim nails and clean ears. Traveling in the car. Training to use a collar and leash. If gray American Bully puppies leave after 8 weeks (some countries can only send older puppies), then they are also accustomed to their name and basic commands.
You can ask any questions you are interested in by writing to me personally.
Our American Bullies live in 26 countries around the world. Therefore, if you want to buy a gray American Bully puppy in our kennel, but live far from us, we will help with arranging delivery. We will also be glad to see all potential owners of our gray American Bully puppies as guests.
Best regards, Veronika Voitovska. Owner of the official American Bully kennel “DOGNIK BULLS”. Certified dog handler. Certified animal psychologist.

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