american bully reviews

american bully reviews
We are one of the largest American Bully kennels in Europe — Dognik Bulls. Today we will talk about the topic: American Bully reviews.

The best way to tell about American Bullies is from the reviews of our kennel owners.
1. Kristina, owner of an American Bully from the Dognik Bulls kennel. Moscow, Russia.
“I love my American Bully more than anyone. She is a very cool dog. And in excellent health. We don’t have allergies. Every six months we do an ultrasound of the heart, take a general blood test and a biochemical blood test — the dog is completely healthy. She has strong healthy joints, good breathing, endurance at the level of a pit bull terrier. And she’s very pretty.»
2. Inga, owner of an American Bully from the Dognik Bulls kennel. Ireland.
“Our Ache loves to watch TV, especially shows with animals. She loves to walk and sleep in bed with my daughter. He looks a lot like his Illinois dad and I’m glad. We wanted our puppy to grow up like a dad. The nursery helped to choose a puppy from the right mating, from the very childhood he told us what kind of puppy we need. Now we enjoy every day together.”
3. Tatyana, owner of an American Bully from the Dognik Bulls kennel. Ukraine.
“Our Stallone is perfect. He is strong, fast, durable. We go with him to exhibitions and participate in sports competitions for strong dogs. He loves our whole family very much. Knows how to protect. Doesn’t like fish heads at all, but loves fish. We even bred him twice and had wonderful puppies. Thank you for such a beautiful, thoroughbred dog.”
4. Marina, owner of an American Bully from the Dognik Bulls kennel.
“Beha is a great dog. She is in the pocket type, but very mobile and active. On the street is friends with other dogs, people, children. There are no problems with her. She is suitable for any industrial food, despite the fact that she has a blue color. When I was just looking for a puppy, I read that blue American bulls often have allergies. But we were lucky with the kennel and with the dog. Beha won several shows, gave birth to a litter of puppies.”
I would like to thank all the owners of our dogs. For the love of your pets, for taking care of them. For the fact that we did not make a mistake when we sold them puppies.
American Bully reviews are not just an article, this is a story about a large and friendly multinational Dognik Bulls family.
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