American PitBull Terrier and owner protection

American PitBull Terrier and owner protection
Pitbull owner guard
Can an American Pit Bull Terrier protect you and your family? Will a pit bull terrier be able to protect a child? Theoretically yes and no. Almost now I will reveal this issue in detail.

Pit bulls as a breed were bred to fight with their own kind. They had to be loyal to people so as not to bite their owner and opponent’s owner when they fought in the ring. However, history knows many legendary pit bulls that easily came into conflict with humans, and some were outright cannibals who only tolerated their owners. Today, this distinction still exists, although it is generally accepted that pit bulls should be adequate in relation to strangers. Some fanatics argue that the American Pit Bull Terrier should wag its tail and climb to lick any stranger, but these are extremes. Outside of the breed, a female is a female, a male is a male. The male is always more serious, he can protect his «flock» and family. Therefore, the boundaries are very arbitrary.

Nowadays, there are certain lines and combinations of matings, pit bulls from which it is easier to correctly train guards. From birth, their inclinations allow them to go into conflict with a person, they endure pressure from a person and are ready for a response. Such pit bull terriers are capable of aggression and protection. If properly trained, they can protect you in real life.

There are other dogs, they are softer in character, but perfectly motivated to play, prey (toy) and prey drive. They are perfectly trained for the grip, sleeve, suit of the decoy. They can participate in sports standards for training, including in the protective guard section.

However, remember, the best guard dog is a breed that is specifically bred for it. In the genes of which lies the fight with a man — Rottweiler, German Shepherd, Malinois, Doberman and others. The American Pit Bull Terrier as the choice of a dog for protecting the family and home is not correct. In addition, short hair is a minus. The pit bull cannot live in the yard or on a chain, as it will freeze in the cold season.

If you are looking for a pit bull as a companion and family friend, but you also want to engage in protective training for an adrenaline rush, we will tell you which mating in our kennel you should pay attention to and recommend specific puppies. Based on our experience, knowledge of our bloodline combinations, breeding experience and temperament observation, we are guaranteed to select a puppy with excellent makings for protection training. But you may have to wait from a few months to a year and a half for such a puppy, depending on our breeding plans for each particular year.

In the photo, a dog of our breeding, trained by us with a helper of the highest category of the FCI — Dognik Bulls Congressman. And Dognik Bulls Cutiepie:

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