American pitbull terrier kennel Finland

Welcome to the «Dognik Bulls» pitbull kennel Finland. Purebred American pitbull terriers are born here!

We start to working with pitbull terrier breed since 2011. When we decided to start our own breeding program, we bought pitbulls from the native land of pitbull terriers- United States of America. The main bloodlines, that we use in our kennel breeding program is OFRN (Old Family Red Nose, USA), Red Alert (USA), Jumbo (Jugoslavia), DDWW (old working Ukrainian bloodlines, kennel isn’t working now and that’s a big tragedy to all American pitbull terrier world).

We have collected the best accumulation of blood during these years. It wasn’t easy to take pure OFRN blood from United States. Some breeders and big kennels can buy dogs with that blood. But kennel don’t wanna sale that blood to ordinary people. Very quality pitbulls that to be in the wrong hands.

Using all that bloodlines in different combinations, we did our own Castlesline pitbulls. These dogs are not big (females between 16-24 kg, males between 20-26 kg), with good muscles, with great nervous system. They are perfect sporting dogs in different competition areas. Lovely to all their family. With good brains. Their anatomy is perfect and because of that, they show great results in sport competitions. Pitbull terrier with bad anatomy, for example, with bad back legs, cannot show you good result in jumping competitions. More of that, that dog can receive traumas because of anatomy with faults. We don’t breed or receive in breeding dogs with faults in anatomy or in nervous system. We, our kennel family, and future owners must understand that they receive good dogs, that can easy living in their families. And you will see veterinarian only once a year- to doing every year vaccinations and health check to be calm that all is okay.

If you’re search an active dog, American pitbull is great choice. If you wanna more calm breed, but with muscles- better look at American bully breed.

Every owner wonder who is better- male or female? With all my knowledge, I can tell something about that. Pitbull terrier males are MALES. Not only in pitbull breed, that’s in any breed. Males cannot live with males (we don’t sale our pitbull terrier males to families, where there are another males. We can sale only females in that families). Standarts of breeds usually write based on males. That’s why many people like athletic, strong pitbull terrier males. But if you have another male in family, small children, many cats- we recommend to buy a pitbull terrier female. They are more calm, more family dogs.

Pitbull price in Finland. Puppies in our American pitbull terrier kennel Finland Dognik Bulls kennel cost 1500-2000 euro. Depends from each breeding and from each puppy. You pay for a high quality pitbull, who won’t let you down in real life, who will be happy and healthy. You can frame this dog’s pedigree on the wall, because they are perfect. You receive what you pay.

How many breedings we have during the year? Usually it’s 2-4 breedings per year. You can buy pitbull terrier puppy when we already have puppies. Or you can reserve puppy from future breedings from the parents that you like the most.

Puppy is reserved, when the deposit is paid. It means that no one can buy the puppy that you choose. And it also means that you will sure buy that puppy from our kennel. Usually deposit is 500 euro and included in total price (1500-2000 euro).

I wanna show you some dogs from our American pitbull terrier kennel Finland. That you can understand how perfect they looks like. All the dogs depends to the Dognik Bulls pitbull terrier kennel Finland or born in our kennel:

How to take pitbull puppy from our kennel when you already reserved it? There are some ways: you can come to our American pitbull terrier kennel and take your puppy by yourself. We can delivery to your city (you pay for that). Or we can use licensed pet shipping company for delivery, if you’re living far from our kennel (you pay for that). Our pitbulls living in 20 countries, so, we know all that delivery ways and they aren’t problem.

Please, feel free to ask any questions:

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By the way, we have American pitbull terrier puppies for sale in Finland right now.