American Pitbull Terrier puppies for sale

Exclusive girl American pitbull terrier rednose for sale! From the official kennel “DOGNIK BULLS”. The kennel is registered with ADBA (American Dog Breeders Association). Our kennel has been dealing with American pitbull terriers since 2011.
Puppy video. Nickname: Dognik Bulls California:

Video of a puppy on a treadmill for the first time at 4 months. Please note that the puppy is absolutely not afraid of the treadmill, the fact that he is fastened in a harness, and that there are walls on both sides of him. And the fact that the floor under the puppy’s feet is shaking. Exclusive girl American pit bull terrier rednose for sale! For true connoisseurs of the pit bull terrier breed ADBA. Please also note that we only reward the puppy with our voice and hand clapping. She runs simply for an idea. This is real passion, drive and pressure. We don’t use food or toys for extra motivation. This is a top class pit bull terrier.

Parents of our Dognik Bulls California. Brought from America and Brazil. Champions in sports and exhibitions in several countries.

About American Pitbull Terrier puppy for sale. Pedigree nickname: Dognik Bulls California. Age: 4 months. Ears: undocked. Color: chocolate rednose. Bite (teeth): scissor bite (the best type of bite for American Pitbull Terriers). Parents: Millers Wild Storm (America) x Hoffs Banshee (Brazil). Dewormed: 4 times. Vaccinated: fully (two complex vaccines and rabies vaccination). Microchip: available and registered in the pet database. Passport: European veterinary passport, valid in any country in the world. Pedigree: ABDA, yes. Price: 1700 euros or 2000 dollars.
Personality: active, kind, loves to walk, run with toys, loves attention from people.
To buy an American pit bull terrier puppy, write to us at the DOGNIK BULLS kennel:
Instagram: dognikbulls

Registration for other American Pitbull Terrier puppies is also open. They will be born in 2 months. From three different breeding pairs of pitbull terriers. Price 2000 euros or 2200 dollars. Delivery to any country in the world. Our pitbull terriers live in 25 countries on different continents.

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