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Exclusive knitting in Europe! At the DOGNIK BULLS American pitbull terrier kennel we are expecting puppies of OFRN/Jumbo blood.
The uniqueness of this mating is that OFRN (Old Family Red Nose) blood is very rare in Europe. OFRN is an old red nose family. However, this does not mean that any American Pit Bull Terrier that has a red nose is OFRN. OFRN includes older American pitbull bloodlines such as Millers, Larsan, Castillo. The majority of American pitbull terrier kennels in the USA are built on OFRN blood.
The father of our puppies was brought from Florida, America. From a nursery that dealt with sports standards in the USA. Real Deal Chocolates Nursery is closed for now. But we still have their pure breeding lines.
That’s why we breed our Millers Wild Storm to a bitch brought from Bulgaria. She is a representative of exclusively working breeding, the Jumbo bloodline. This will be her last mating in our pit bull kennel. For several years we have produced extraordinary American Pit Bull Terriers from this combination. For myself personally, two females and two males from these matings were left in our kennel. They are also used for further breeding of quality American Pitbull Terrier puppies in the kennel. We get medium-sized dogs with a balanced nervous system. By nature, all our puppies and adult pit bulls from the OFRN/Jumbo combination are very attached to the family. These are truly family dogs. Males from these matings have pronounced instincts to protect their people from strangers in case of emergency. Otherwise, they are absolutely socially adequate in society. These are pit bull terriers with innate high play and food motivation.
Both parents are tested for the absence of genetic diseases and undergo all necessary medical examinations annually by a certified veterinarian. The future mother of the puppies was additionally examined for health before mating, and tests were also taken.
The father of the puppies is a multi-champion in sports competitions and exhibitions in several countries. A full list of titles is available on his personal page on our nursery website, you can check it out.
All puppies will be thrice wormed, vaccinated, with a European veterinary passport, ADBA pedigree, and a sales contract. Additionally, everyone will receive instructions on raising a puppy up to 1 year old. 20 pages of useful information, exclusively from our kennel of American pit bull terriers “DOGNIK BULLS” for the owners of our puppies.
The price of a puppy from these parents is 1800 euros or 2000 dollars.
Delivery is available throughout Europe, America, Canada, Brazil.
To reserve an American Pitbull Terrier puppy from the kennel, write to us:
Instagram: dognikbulls
Your Veronika Voitovska. Owner of the American pitbull terrier kennel “Dognik Bulls”. Family doctor. Expert dog handler. Animal psychologist.


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