American pitbull terrier puppy. For sale

A girl of the American Pitbull Terrier breed is for sale. A relative of the most titled American pit bull terrier in the world, named Fonvielles A and N Stuff of Legends. This is our puppy’s great uncle who is for sale.
American pit bull terrier puppy, born in the Dognik Bulls breeding kennel. Color: chocolate with red nose. Parents:

Father: Millers Wild Storm. Brought from America. Nursery «Real Deal Chocolates». Has no breed diseases (tested). Father of approximately 400 American Pit Bull Terriers worldwide. A very famous male in the breed. Champion of the Breed, champion in exhibitions and sporting competitions. A very active, athletic, muscular pit bull.
Mother: Hoffs Banshee. Imported from Brazil. Nursery «Dusheik». Does not have breed genetic diseases (tested). Winner of exhibitions. Athletic dog in excellent terrier type.
The last daughter from these parents is offered for sale. Pedigree name: Dognik Bulls California. Fully vaccinated, with a registered microchip, ADBA pedigree, and a European veterinary passport. We also provide a purchase and sale agreement for a purebred puppy, a puppy instruction sheet with all the necessary information for the first year of a pitbull puppy’s life. Price 1700 euros. The puppy is located in Latvia, delivery anywhere in the world. Our American pit bull terriers live in 25 countries around the world, so we will help you buy and bring the best pit bull wherever you are.
The puppy was professionally raised on holistic food. She is accustomed to dogs, children of all ages, walking outside and knows all the basic commands. The ideal dog of the old American breeding of pitbull terriers. Bloodline: Old Family Red Nose. Includes such bloods as Lar San, Millers, Castillo. Most nurseries in the United States of America are based on them.
You have a unique opportunity to buy a pitbull terrier puppy of pure American lines in Europe.
For questions about purchasing an Old Family Red Nose puppy, write to:
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We provide free canine consultations for all dogs of the Dognik Bulls kennel throughout their lives. And this is 10-15 years of qualified assistance and support. In today’s world, this is expensive.

I will answer all your questions. Kennel owner Veronika Voitovska. Doctor. Expert dog handler. Animal psychologist.

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