American pitbull terrier rednose buy kennel

The best puppy in the litter is for sale! American pitbull terrier rednose from the kennel, girl. Pedigree nickname: Dognik Bulls California.
Parents: Millers Wild Storm (imported from the United States of America) x Hoffs Banshee (imported from Brazil).
The puppy is wormed 4 times, fully vaccinated, with a registered microchip, ADBA pedigree, and a sales contract. Additionally: a memo on nutrition, education, and raising a pit bull puppy developed by our nursery. 20 pages of useful information. Secrets of proper cultivation, ideal training and much more. The memo was written by me personally, Veronika Voitovska (owner of a pit bull kennel, family doctor, certified expert dog handler, judge of American pit bull exhibitions in Europe, certified zoopsychologist).
In the video you can see our girl American pit bull terrier rednose from the DOGNIK BULLS kennel. Pay attention to the excellent shape of the head and the correct placement of the ears. On a strong back line. The puppy is already adventurous and loves to play. With excellent play and food motivation. Suitable for active families, families with children and even other dogs. Will be an excellent dog for exhibitions and sporting competitions. We sometimes sell Pitbull Rednose Terrier puppies from the kennel for breeding, but this is always discussed before selling the puppy. Keep this in mind. Video:

Our American Pitbull Terrier Rednose girl from the kennel carries pure OFRN (Old Family Red Nose) bloodlines. They are very rare in Europe. These are pure American pit bull blood. Most of the breeding of Rednose pit bull terriers in the United States is based on these bloodlines. So this is a European exclusive. With an excellent psyche and American pedigree.
The puppy’s price is 1700 euros or 2000 dollars. The rednose pit bull puppy is located in Europe, but there is delivery throughout Europe and to America, Canada, Brazil. American pit bull terriers rednose from our kennel live in 25 countries on different continents.
To buy a cool OFRN pitbull terrier, write to us:
Instagram: dognikbulls
If you are not ready to buy a rednoep pit bull terrier puppy from the kennel now, then just subscribe to our Instagram dognikbulls. Several times a year, our kennel sells pit bull puppies; you are sure to buy the right one for your family. Maybe not now, but in a year. But it will definitely happen. Our kennel of American pit bull terriers “DOGNIK BULLS” will help you with this.
Yours, Veronika Voitovska

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