American Pitbull Terriers OFRN. Where to buy

In our kennel there are real American pitbull terriers OFRN! Old Family Red Nose is a bloodline of American Pitbull Terriers. Literally called “the old red-nosed family.” This does not mean that any purebred American Pitbull Terrier rednose is automatically OFRN.OFRN Pitbulls are Pitbulls with certain dogs in the pedigree. These are dogs bred by such famous breeders and kennels as Castillo, Larsan, Millers (Real Deal Chocolates).
In our kennel of American pit bull terriers “Dognik Bulls” the main focus of breeding is on the bloodline of OFRN pit bulls.
In 2016, we brought ourselves two dogs from different kennels in America. Pure line male OFRN from the American kennel “Real Deal Chocolates” (Florida, America). He is born from Millers dogs, carries OFRN blood: Larsan, Castillo and so on.
Also in 2016, we brought a female pit bull from the southernmost point of Brazil. Nursery «Dusheik-Hoff». She also represents the purebred breeding of OFRN American Pit Bulls.
The main stock of the kennel is built on the children and grandchildren of these dogs. In any of our matings in the nursery there is a huge accumulation of blood from the Old Red-Nosed Family.
We also mate with old, proven bloodlines from the USA — Lonzo, Red Alert.
At the moment, the nursery has a female puppy for sale. This is the last girl from our American and Brazilian producers. She represents a pure line of OFRN pit bull terriers. Fully vaccinated, with a registered microchip, with ADBA pedigree, with a European veterinary passport. Ready to move to a new home. For delivery: we ship throughout Europe (delivery price about 700 euros+-), to Canada and America (delivery +-2000 dollars), to Brazil. The puppy’s price is 2000 euros.

Pre-bookings are also open for other puppies in the kennel from different parents. All dogs have a large accumulation of OFRN blood.

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