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Hello. My name is Veronika Voitovska. I will help you solve your dog’s behavior problems.
A few words about my experience and specialization. I am a human therapist. Since 2011, I have owned a kennel of serious breeds of dogs: American pitbull terriers and American bullies. These breeds require a lot of attention, training, and understanding of the psychology of dog behavior. It was thanks to my dogs that I became more interested in animal psychology and began to study it on a professional level. I apply all my knowledge on my personal dogs (there are 15 of them) as well as on the puppies of my kennel. I advise graduates of my kennel and other people with other dog breeds. I am a certified dog handler (certified in Ukraine) and certified in the animal welfare course (European Union). I am also a judge at American Pit Bull Terrier special breed shows in Europe.
In short, I have a lot of personal experience plus experience working with other dogs. Therefore, I will help you solve the problems you are having. I’ll tell you how to behave with your dog, when and how to react, and how to properly remove certain behavior. How to understand the root cause of fears and unwanted behavior in a puppy or dog. And how to influence this. I work as an online zoopsychologist with consultations via zoom and skype.

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The main questions people ask me:
1. Understand the reason for the puppy/dog’s unwanted behavior and remove it.
2. How to remove aggression from a puppy/dog. I will help two or more animals learn to live together.
3. How to relieve your dog/puppy from stress. For example, from separation anxiety.
4. How to remove aggression from a puppy/dog towards strangers on the street.
5. Teach your dog to pick up everything from the ground while walking. Garbage, feces, bottles, bags.
6. Wean a puppy or adult dog from going to the toilet at home and smearing the floors and walls.
7. Stop whining under the door, hitting the door with paws and claws, and gnawing on doors.
I help solve animal behavior problems. Understanding the peculiarities of the dogs’ psyche and their physiology, I will discover exactly where there are deviations from the norm and help correct them.
You may need one or more consultations with a pet psychologist online to completely solve the problem. Cost of one consultation: 30 minutes = 50 euros.
Before the consultation, I will need a detailed story from you about the problem (how you see this problem and what you want to get as a result). And also a video of the problem. Sometimes owners see a problem in one thing, but I, as a specialist, see that the problem is completely different.
To book a consultation, contact me in a way convenient for you:
Instagram: dognikbulls
I conduct consultations in English or Russian.
Best regards, Veronika Voitovska

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