Blue tricolor American Bully puppies

In June 2024, puppies will be born in our American Bully kennel “Dognik Bulls”! We are waiting for American Bully puppies of blue tricolor and just blue (gray) colors.
Mother of puppies: Dognik Bulls Lilibet. Brought from Russia. She has been examined by a veterinarian and is healthy. Has no breed genetic diseases. I have already given birth once to an American male. All puppies grew up to be ideal representatives of the American Bully breed.
Father of the puppies: Chaw Li Iva San Attilus. Brought from Russia. Examined and healthy. Has completely healthy genetic tests (cerebellar ataxia, retinal atrophy, degenerative myelopathy, hyperuricosuria). Champion of Latvia, Grand Champion of Belarus. Winner of “Bully Show 2023” at the American Bully Specialty Show in Latvia. Has excellent nostrils, a respiratory system, is hardy and healthy.
Both parents are completely in the American Bully breed standard. Rare blue tricolor color. The parents have well-developed nostrils (not narrow, like many sick American Bullies). The puppies’ parents have good eyes and eyelids. Please note that often poor quality American Bullies have droopy eyelids. In the future, sagging eyelids will require surgery. Our blue tricolor American bullies do not have this. The puppies’ parents tolerate the heat well and walk a lot. They have absolutely straight paws, good hips and angulations of the hind legs. The tails are the correct length, without kinks.
Our American bully kennel “Dognik Bulls” has been in the breed since 2011. We really know how to give birth and raise the perfect American Bully puppy. And most importantly, a healthy puppy.

What are the conditions for purchasing a blue tricolor puppy in our American Bully kennel? The puppy’s price is 3000 euros. Deposit for booking a puppy is 500 euros (included in the final price of the puppy). All puppies go to new homes between 8 and 15 weeks of age. It depends on which country each puppy will go to (each country has its own rules). At the time of departure, all our American Bully puppies have vaccinations, a registered microchip, a European veterinary passport, an ABKC (American Bully Kennel Club) pedigree, and a purchase and sale agreement for a purebred puppy. As an additional bonus, all owners of American Bully puppies from the Dognik Bulls kennel receive a reminder about how their puppy grew and developed. The instructions also tell you how and what to feed, how to properly walk the puppy, introduce the puppy to the whole family, and so on. The basics of raising American Bully puppies are discussed. 20 A4 pages with very useful exclusive information. We also continue to advise the owners of our puppies after the sale of the puppy, this is free for those who have dogs from Dognik Bulls.
We are expecting blue tricolor and plain blue American Bully puppies in the «pocket» and «classic» types. In the photo are the parents of the puppies on the day of their mating.
Our American Bullies live in 25 countries around the world. We will help with delivery to the city/country you need.
To reserve an American Bully puppy in 2024, write to us:
Instagram: dognikbulls
Best regards, Veronika Voitovska. Owner of the best American bully nursery “Dognik Bulls”. Expert dog handler. Doctor. Animal psychologist.

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