Buy a pitbull with a pedigree

Dognik Bulls American Pitbull Terrier Kennel has puppies for sale! Available 3 boys and 1 girl. All red-nosed, red color. Date of birth: 22.10.2022
Puppies are active, healthy, examined by a veterinarian. The 1st vaccination was delivered, a European microchip with registration in the pet database, a veterinary European passport, ADBA pedigree was received.
American Pedigree — American Dog Breeders Association.
Our own breeding line is Castlesline pitbulls.
Photos of pit bull puppies:

Pedigree layout of pit bull puppies:

Father: Miller’s Wild Storm aka Castle. US Import
Mother: Dognik Bulls Indiana. Import Dagestan
Parents are active, temperamental dogs. They treat all people well.
The puppies grow up in the forest, walk every day, eat super-premium food, communicate with the children of our neighbors. Pit bull puppies have completed their initial socialization.
The price of a puppy is 1500 euros. There is delivery worldwide, paid separately by the buyer. There is ear cropping (price 500 euros).
Pit bulls Dognik Bulls live in 20 countries, delivery is not a problem. However, we welcome a personal arrival for a puppy and acquaintance.
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