Buy a white pitbull. White pitbull puppies

You can buy white pitbull puppies at the American pitbull terrier kennel “Dognik Bulls”!
Quite often, buyers come to us wanting to buy a white or very light-colored puppy. Now I will show you what white and light cream pit bulls are born in our country. We usually have 5-6 white or light cream pitbull puppies all year. Therefore, I recommend booking these puppies in advance, before birth. We consistently produce white/light cream Pitbull puppies from some of our dogs. From some less often.
For example, from the breeding of Miller’s Wild Storm aka Castle (brought from America) x Dognik Bulls Indiana (brought from Dagestan), we have 2-4 puppies in the litter — always white (light cream). Here is their example:

We also had beautiful white pit bulls from Dognik Bulls Godena x Miller’s Wild Storm aka Castle. Here’s a gorgeous girl named Dognik Bulls Snow White:

If you want to buy a white pit bull puppy, you are interested in white pit bulls, write to us at the kennel:
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This year we are planning several breedings  of American pitbull terriers, where white or light cream pit bull puppies will definitely be born. All puppies are exclusively imported blood. Our nursery sends puppies to new homes vaccinated, dewormed, with a European veterinary passport, with a registered microchip, with an ADBA pedigree. All of our White Pit Bull breeding lines have the highest stock of American bloodlines. Price for white pitbull puppies in our kennel: 1500-2000 euros. The price depends on which specific parents our white pedigree pitbull puppies were born to.
If you need a white pitbull puppy delivered to your city and country, write. White pit bull puppies from the Dognik Bulls kennel already live in 25 countries around the world!
All our dogs are examined for the absence of breed and heart diseases. Together with the puppy, you receive advice from the kennel throughout the life of your white pit bull.
Sincerely, head of the Dognik Bulls nursery — Veronika Voitovska. Expert dog handler, judge at American pit bull terrier shows, judge at sports competitions, doctor.

Buy a white pitbull. White pitbull puppies from a dog kennel.