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For sale female American Pitbull Terrier, rednose, with ADBA pedigree. Officially registered kennel of American pitbull terriers ADBA “DOGNIK BULLS”. Bloodline: Full OFRN (Old Family Red Nose). Only old American blood in the ADBA pedigree.
Her new photos were taken a few days ago:

Parents are imported.

Father: Champion Millers Wild Storm. Imported from Florida, USA. Born in the famous American nursery for sporting pit bull terriers “Real Deal Chocolates”. Champion of several European countries in sports competitions and exhibitions. Winner of various types of sports competitions. Absolutely healthy at 8 years old. Does not have breed genetic diseases (personal health certificates). Father of over 300 purebred ADBA American Pitbull Terriers throughout the world.
Mother: Hoffs Banshee. Imported from Brazil. Famous large nursery of Brazilian pit bull terriers “Dusheik”. Winner at exhibitions. An excellent sporting dog. A very energetic and wonderful family dog. Does not have breed genetic diseases (personal health certificates). Her children are Champions in exhibitions and sports around the world. These are her last puppies in our kennel. At your request, I will show you how amazing her adult children are. These are real driving American rednose pit bull terriers.
Our rednose American pitbull terrier puppy is fully vaccinated, with a registered microchip, with ADBA pedigree, with a European veterinary passport. The puppy is also sold with a sales contract and instructions for caring for an American pit bull terrier rednose puppy.
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American rednose pitbull terriers from the DOGNIK BULLS kennel live in 25 countries around the world. Delivery is available if you do not live in our country.

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