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American pitbull terrier puppy for sale. Color: chocolate rednose. Girl. Age — 4 months. There were 8 puppies in the litter. There is only one female American Pitbull Terrier for sale.
Bloodline: OFRN (Old Family Red Nose). This is old American blood. Strong, efficient, very passionate ADBA pit bulls.
Father brought from Florida, USA. Mother was brought from Brazil. Champions. They do not have breed genetic diseases (personal certificates). You can read more about the parents on their personal pages on the nursery website. There are a huge number of photographs, videos, descriptions of their characters and their titles. Parents are absolutely healthy American pit bull terriers ADBA.
Pedigree of the pit bull terrier puppy: ADBA. The American Dog Breeders Association is the oldest and most reliable organization that registers purebred American Pit Bull Terriers.
Puppy’s name: Dognik Bulls California. It won’t be large. Grows on holistic food (the best class of industrial food in the world). Personality: active, fearless, loves to train and go for walks. Explores the world around him with great pleasure.
Together with the American Pitbull Terrier puppy you receive: ADBA pedigree, European veterinary passport, a full range of vaccinations, and a registered microchip. Instructions for the care and education of an American pit bull terrier puppy ADBA.
Our ADBA American Pitbull Terrier puppy is completely ready to go to a new family. Delivery anywhere in the world. American pit bull terriers ADBA from the DOGNIK BULLS kennel live in 25 countries.

The photo shows the exact puppy that is for sale. Price 2000 euros (2200 dollars).
To buy an ADBA American Pitbull Terrier puppy:
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Sincerely, owner of the American pitbull terrier kennel “DOGNIK BULLS”, Veronika Voitovska. Doctor. Expert dog handler. Animal psychologist.

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