Buy american bully puppy, pocket type. Great Britain

On October 24, 2022, puppies were born in our American Bully Kennel Great Britain «Dognik Bulls»! Excellent, healthy, examined parents. 2 girls american bulls in pocket style for sale. Blue color and lilac color.

Father of bully puppies: 815 Bully Camp Noise. Imported from America (Illinois). Clear from genetic diseases. Titled in dog shows. Type — pocket. Weight 35 kg. Height 40 centimeters. Color: lilac.

Mother of bully puppies: Dognik Bulls Lilibeth. Brought from Russia (Moscow). Clear from genetic diseases. Type — pocket. Weight 20 kg. Height 36 centimeters. Color: blue tricolor.

These are the best American Bullies in the UK!

Girl Dognik Bulls Branwen. Blue american bully buy UK

Girl Dognik Bulls Olwen. Lilac American Bully buy UK

All American Bully puppies in our kennel are healthy, strong and active. The American Bully is a family dog ​​breed. They love their family and are friendly with other animals.

If you want to buy an American Bully puppy UK, write to us at the kennel:

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How much does an American Bully puppy cost? Average prices in our kennel are 2000-2500 euros. We are definitely the best American Bully kennel in the UK.

We started working with the American Bully breed in 2016. One of the first brought the American Bully into the country. There have never been defective puppies in our litters! And this is very important. We work only with the best representatives of the American Bully breed. If you value quality and want a healthy purebred dog, please write to us. Graduates of the kennel are champions in the FCI and ABKC systems.

Sincerely, Veronika Voitovska, owner of the American Bully Kennel Great Britain