Buy american bully with pedigree
In our American Bully kennel, puppies from 2 matings are now for sale. In the «pocket» type and the «standard» type.
2 American Bully boys and several girls for sale. Colors — lilac and blue (gray).
The price of a puppy is 2000 euros. Deposit for booking a puppy — 500 euros.
Our American Bully kennel Dognik Bulls has been with the breed for almost 10 years. We know our breeding lines very well, we know that our dogs are healthy, we know what kind of puppies they give. Let’s talk about the character, introduce adult dogs of the American Bully breed.
Puppies in the photo are for sale (buy an American Bully puppy with a pedigree):

We will be glad to get to know you personally, you can come to meet the puppies and their parents right now. If you do not have the opportunity to come to our cattery, we deliver worldwide. American Bulls from Dognik Bulls live in 20 countries.
Answers to frequently asked questions:
— What is the most «expensive» and «top» color in the breed?
Lilac, blue (gray) and tricolor.
— Do you do ear cropping for American Bully puppies?
Yes it is possible. The price is 500 euros for a puppy. For a grown puppy, the price is higher.
How do American Bullies feel about children?
They are great with children and animals.
Do American Bullies like to swim?
Our bulls are very fond of swimming. This makes them look like ducks. In the summer we constantly go to the river and there they walk and swim.
— How often should I visit the vet with an American Bully?
We recommend doing a comprehensive vaccination once a year, taking a general and biochemical blood and urine test, and doing an echocardiography. If done regularly once a year, then your American Bully will not need any other regular visits to the vet until old age.
To «buy an American Bully puppy with a pedigree«, write to us at the kennel:
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