Buy pitbull puppies OFRN and Jumbo

A unique opportunity to buy an American Pitbull Terrier puppy of the Old Family Red Nose and Jumbo bloodlines in one puppy. Connoisseurs of the American Pitbull Terrier breed understand what I mean. I’ll tell you more for beginners.
In the American pit bull terrier kennel “DOGNIK BULLS” two top dogs were bred. Official registration of the kennel with ADBA-American Dog Breeders Association. The oldest organization engaged in recording and registering pedigrees of American pit bull terriers. Puppies will be born in June 2024. It is currently possible to reserve a second choice for a boy and a first choice for a girl.
Father of future puppies: Millers Wild Storm. Winner of four specialty shows in several countries in a row! Specialty exhibitions are exhibitions where only pit bulls gather. From 50 to 110 pit bulls at a time. Our Millers Wild Storm won among all. Of course, he also won at regular dog shows, where there are many different breeds of dogs. He also won the Best Dog in Show and the title Champion of Breed, Club Champion, Junior Champion, and Adult Champion. He has been participating in sports competitions since he was 4.5 months old and also wins. Winner in competitions for pit bulls and staffs: high jump, springpole. Many-time winner of dog-puller competitions. In general, a very driven, gambling, assertive American pit bull terrier. Born in Florida, United States of America. In the American Pit Bull Terrier kennel “Real Deal Chocolates”. His mother is a champion in the ADBA and UKC systems. Also has American sports and training titles: IDTT, DHT, ID3, ID5, IDWP3, IDWPCH. She is also an American Champion and American Grand Champion in weight pulling (canine weightlifting). The father is titled in ADBA. Also has sports and training titles: IDTT, DHT, ID3, ID5.
Mother of future puppies: Dognik Bulls Anksunamun. Brought from the Zorba nursery, which is located in Bulgaria. This will be her last litter of puppies in our kennel. She will then end her career as a producer and retire. He will walk with us through the forests, fly with us around the world and continue to enjoy life. From her we have already received several ideal litters of American pit bull terriers. These puppies are the last of their kind. And they are very valuable for our pit bull kennel. Fully examined by a veterinarian before breeding. And it also has tests for the absence of genetic diseases characteristic of the American Pit Bull Terrier breed.
The price of puppies is 1800 euros or 2000 dollars. All puppies receive early socialization in the kennel: acquaintance with strangers, children, different surfaces, a car, the street, a forest, a field. All puppies leave wormed, vaccinated, with a certified examination from a veterinarian, with a European veterinary passport, with a registered microchip, with an ADBA pedigree. Delivery worldwide, to any continent.
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Yours, Veronika Voitovska. Owner of the best kennel of American pit bull terriers “DOGNIK BULLS”. Family doctor. Expert dog handler. Animal psychologist.

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