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There are great news in our pitbull terrier kennel “DOGNIK BULLS”! American pitbull terrier puppies from parents: Dognik Bulls Victor x Dognik Bulls Cutiepie.
Mating took place in April 2024, the birth of puppies is mid-June 2024. All puppies will be chocolate with rednose color and red rednose color. The puppies are representatives of the breeding line OFRN (America) and Red Alert (America). All Pitbull puppies will have an ADBA pedigree (the most respected and internationally recognized pedigree organization for American Pitbull Terriers). Also, all pit bull puppies will be wormed, vaccinated, with a registered microchip, with a sales contract, with a bonus reminder from the kennel. All pit bull puppies from the DOGNIK BULLS kennel in Belarus are examined by a veterinarian before leaving for their new homes.
Mother of puppies: Dognik Bulls Cutiepie. Winner of exhibitions. Regular participant in seminars and trainings on training and protective training. Shows itself as a persistent, assertive, self-confident dog. Has a perfect grip, never throws the helper, keeps his grip. At the same time, she is very kind in the family and gets along with all the people and dogs of the kennel. She has been examined and has no breed genetic diseases (ataxia, retinal atrophy, hyperuricosuria). She was also examined by a veterinarian before breeding and tests were taken. Completely healthy. After all, only a healthy dog that walks a lot, exercises a lot and eats well will produce healthy offspring. OFRN pit bull bloodline.
Father of the puppies: Dognik Bulls Victor. Winner of exhibitions. One of the kindest males in our pit bull kennel. He is friends with children, people, dogs. He has a truly ideal non-conflict character. He is bred quite often in our kennel, as he passes on his character to the puppies. He also has a large and beautiful head, completely in the standard of the American Pitbull Terrier breed. And he also passes on this beautiful head to his children. Examined by a veterinarian. And also does not have genetic diseases (ataxia, hyperuricosuria, retinal atrophy). Pit bull bloodline: OFRN and Red Alert.
Why is it so important to screen dogs for certain diseases? All dog breeds have their own list of diseases caused by defects in genes. Only the best breeders do these tests. This helps eliminate the risk of disease in future puppies. This means that you will definitely buy a healthy American pit bull terrier puppy from the DOGNIK BULLS kennel.
Also, our American pit bull terriers in the kennel do not have allergies and do not have heart or joint problems. We closely monitor the health and psyche of pit bulls. It is important for us to get not only beautiful, healthy, passionate pit bulls. But also mentally stable. So that they can live in the city, in an apartment, in a family.
The price of a puppy from this mating is 2000 euros or 2200 dollars. It is currently possible to reserve a fourth choice for a male and a third choice for a female. This is truly a great opportunity to buy not only a purebred pi bull puppy, but also a representative of the pure line of American OFRN and Red Alert pit bulls.
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