Buy pitbull terrier puppy in New York

Buy the best pitbull terrier puppy in New York!

Reservations are now open for red nose american pitbull terrier puppies in New York!
Real pitbulls for family, sports, training, ADBA shows.
Puppies due: June 2024.
In the photo are the parents of the puppies.

Father: Dognik Bulls Victor. Active male with an excellent non-conflict character. Winner of exhibitions.

Mother: Dognik Bulls Cutiepie. Tender at home. Beast in training and protective training. Winner of exhibitions. The main focus is family dog and guard dog.

This is a double litter. We are waiting for american pitbull terrier puppies of chocolate color and red with a red nose color.

Our American Pitbull Terriers have excellent character and are easy to manage. They are highly trainable and love to be trained. They have no problems in the family and listen to all family members. They don’t try to dominate at home.
Gorgeous american pitbull terrier puppies from award-winning parents. The parents are free from genetic diseases, all tests have been passed, both live in a family with children and other dogs.
At the time of moving, the puppies will be dewormed, vaccinated, with an ADBA pedigree and a contract of sale.
After selling american pitbull terrier puppies, our kennel «DOGNIK BULLS» remains in touch with you. We will help you with any questions.
Delivery is available throughout all states of America (at the buyer’s expense). The price of the puppy is 2200 dollars. At thIS moment it is possible to reserve the third right to choose a female and the fourth right to choose a male.
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The owner of the kennel is Veronika Voitovska. Family doctor. Expert dog handler. Animal psychologist. Languages: English, Spanish, Russian.

Buy pitbull terrier puppy in New York