Childbirth in a dog on the 69th day of pregnancy

Has your dog been carrying puppies for a long time? You think: “Maybe I’m already actively worried?” My name is Veronika Voitovska. I am a doctor, expert dog trainer, animal psychologist, judge of dog sports competitions, judge at dog shows. I will share with you my personal experience of giving birth to a dog on the 69th day of pregnancy.
Remember the main thing: if your dog gives birth for the first time and 65 days have passed since the first mating, you already need to start taking active action. It’s even better to monitor the dog’s entire condition starting from day 63. Do not pay attention to articles where it is written “ovulation could have been later”, “fertilization could have occurred a week later than mating” (this is nonsense and in fact not true). We always count from the first day of the first mating. Even if you did the final mating after 5-6 days.
At 63 days, the puppies are quite large (if fertilization occurred immediately, and not 5 days after the last mating, but often this is not the case). If there are a lot of puppies inside the dog, there is a risk that they will begin to squeeze each other. I once lost 5 puppies this way. This was the dog’s first pregnancy; she did not show any signs of the onset of labor (there were no births, contractions, or rapid breathing). I just intuitively suspected something was wrong and went to the veterinary clinic. There they did an ultrasound and saw that the puppies’ heartbeat was critically reduced. Emergency caesarean section for a dog. As a result, 8 puppies. Everyone squeezed each other, as they were very heavy. Each puppy weighed 500-550 grams. The breed is American Bully of the “standard” type. We were able to grind and pump out only three. We simply didn’t have enough hands for the other five. They ground and pumped out for two hours without stopping. We used all known methods for resuscitation. The summary of the story is that the dog carried puppies. For the next birth, we already knew about the peculiarities of this dog. Again, no labor, but on the 63rd day we went for a caesarean section. As a result, 8 healthy, strong and large puppies were born.
This time my dog ​​was pregnant for 68 days. This is her last mating, she is 7 years old. Breed: American Pit Bull Terrier. I understood that I had to be very careful. She usually gave birth 63-65 days after the first mating. The belly looked very large and I suspected that there were too many puppies and the uterus was overstretched. That is why it does not give commands to the uterine receptors to contract and labor does not begin. This is a very dangerous situation for beginners; they don’t know about this. Or the second option, which also often occurs during post-term pregnancy in dogs. This is an option when there are only two or three puppies. And pregnant dogs walk 68,69,70 days of pregnancy. These cases are described in the literature and on forums. I was ready for this. Every day I measured the dog’s body temperature three times and listened to the puppies’ heartbeats with a phonedoscope. And I realized that in the morning on the 69th day of pregnancy we had to do a caesarean section.
We went for a caesarean section on the morning of the dog’s 69th day of pregnancy. The huge belly turned out to be polyhydramnios. A lot of fluid poured out of the uterus. Transparent, not green. And three puppies were born. So statistics have confirmed that during a long pregnancy from 68,69,70 days, the dog often has two or three puppies in his stomach.
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