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Dogs and puppies of the American Pitbull Terrier, American Bully breed. Our nursery has been operating since 2011. The dog kennel is registered in the ADBA system with American Pit Bull Terriers. The dog kennel is ABKC registered with American Bullies.
First, I’ll show you our ideal dogs. And when you fall in love with them, I’ll tell you more about the nursery.
American Pitbull Terriers are beautiful, muscular, with perfect anatomy:

American Bullies: Pocket, Standard and Classic. Powerful, healthy, kind:

What do we do at the dog kennel? It all started with a love for dogs. We started visiting the training ground, dog shows, and sporting events. Over time, my husband and I decided to open our own dog kennel. We carefully selected future dogs for our kennel. We brought our main dogs from America, then from Europe and Russia. After many years of breeding purebred dogs, we have formed our own population of dogs in the kennel. All our American Pit Bull Terriers and American Bullies are excellent dogs for families and for living with children. Our dogs win in sports and shows. They also have truly exclusive pedigrees dating back to those old times. Times when dogs performed their functions flawlessly, were hardy and very healthy.
If you are looking for a dog kennel and want to buy a puppy, then feel free to contact us. We will tell you about the differences between American Pitbull Terriers and American Bullies. We will show you clearly what they look like, we will show you hundreds of videos and photographs. We will provide full consultation to make it easier for you to decide what kind of dog you want to buy.
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If you have not yet decided on a dog breed, I suggest you follow our dog kennel on Instagram. You will follow our dogs, enjoy our successes and have a personal opinion about pit bulls and bullies from the Dognik Bulls kennel.

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