Ear and tail cropping for pitbulls
Today, many pitbull owners still do ear cropping to pitbulls. Although it is prohibited by law in the EU countries, unless ear cropping is done for medical reasons. For example, due to an ear injury or frostbite on the tips of the ears.
Pitbull tails are not cropped at all. It was never included in the breed standard. You can talk to your pit bull puppy’s breeder about whether ears can be cropped. But pit bull tails are not docked, that’s for sure.
It is believed that cropped ears will suffer less in dog fights. That they are easier to treat if there is otitis media and other «fairy tales». This is not true. The difference between cropped pit bull ears and non-cropped pit bull ears is only in the docking itself. Currently, this is only the desire of the owner.
At our American Pit Bull Terrier kennel Dognik Bulls, we can help with ear cropping for your future puppy. But we don’t support it. Our personal pitbulls are uncropped. If you want to buy a pitbull puppy from us and ask for ear cropping (that is, to go against the law), we must have good reasons for believing in such a decision. The price of cropping a pit bull’s ears is one third of the price of a puppy.
If you want a ear cropped pitbull from Dognik Bulls, expect an average puppy price of 1500 euros and a minimum of 500 euros for docking.
Examples of cropped pitbull ears from Dognik Bulls:

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