Grey pitbull, blue pitbull buy a puppy

Grey pitbull, blue pitbull buy a puppy
We will help you buy a grey / blue pit bull puppy.
The grey or «blue» color of the American Pit Bull Terrier is dilute (weakened) from the black color. Such pitbull terriers are indeed born in some litters. But it is difficult for a future owner to find such a purebred, without an admixture of an American Staffordshire Terrier or an American Bully.
If you are ready to buy a grey pit bull/blue pitbull puppy, our Dognik Bulls kennel can help you.
The price of a grey pitbull puppy starts from 1500 euros and up. For this money, you buy a healthy, strong, exactly purebred blue / grey pit bull. With a complete pedigree that can be traced back centuries. With examinations from parents.
An example of an adult grey/blue pit bull.
Grey pitbull named Hedgehog, Dognik Bulls kennel (working breeding of American pit bull terriers, fully reliable pedigree):

The character of a grey pitbull/blue pitbull is no different from other colored pitbull terriers. They are the same active, gambling dogs that love their family.
Be prepared to wait for your grey pit bull. They are not born in every litter. You will need to decide whether you want a boy or a girl, tell us about yourself and your plans with a dog. Make a deposit for a puppy and wait for a suitable puppy. If we do not have a grey pitbull puppy, we will offer you a grey puppy from our friends from other kennels.
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