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The American Pitbull Terrier Kennel “Dognik Bulls” has puppies for sale right now!
1. Pitbull puppy number 1. Pedigree nickname: Dognik Bulls Freddie Mercury. Age — 3 months. Fully vaccinated, dewormed, with a registered microchip, with ADBA pedigree, with a European veterinary passport, with a purchase and sale agreement. Exclusive away breeding done in Poland! Cross of our bloods with American bloods Lonzo/Boudreaux! There are no analogues of these puppies in Europe AT ALL. Top blood in one mating — intelligence, beauty, pedigree, controllability, psyche. Parents: Maximus No Regrets x Dognik Bulls Godena. The puppy’s price is 2000 euros.

Photo of Dognik Bulls Freddie Mercury (gumtree pitbull):

The puppies’ father is Maximus No Regrets. Male terrier type. Does not have dysplasia of the hip and elbow joints (pictures AA and 00 — the best possible result). Does not have the breed genetic diseases cerebellar ataxia, hyperuricosuria, degenerative myelopathy, crd1, crd2PRA. Winner of the ADBA weightpulling competition in his weight category — several first places! Born from a dense accumulation of American blood, from dogs with three generations without joint dysplasia! Three generations of winners at ADBA exhibitions and ADBA sports competitions! Carries the blood of Lonzo and Boudreaux, which is rare these days.

The mother of the puppies is Dognik Bulls Godena. Beautiful harmonious female terrier type. This is her third litter of puppies (the previous two litters were from different fathers). Does not have a breed genetic disease — cerebellar ataxia. Born from two imported dogs. Her father is Millers Wild Storm Castle (imported from America, champion in shows and sports in several European countries, winner of American Pit Bull Terrier special breed shows 4 times, as well as all-breed shows). Her mother is Dognik Bulls Anksunamun (brought from a working nursery in Bulgaria). Godena is a participant and winner of exhibitions. Healthy, active dog. A real pit bull with an ideal character.

2. American pit bull terrier puppy number 2. Pedigree nickname: Dognik Bulls Wiskonsin. Color: red with red nose pit bull terrier.
Photo of pitbull puppy Dognik Bulls Wiskonsin (gumtree pitbull):

Father: Champion Millers Wild Storm Castle. Brought from the American sports nursery Real Deal Chocolates (Florida). His parents are American champions in sports competitions, grand champions in weight-pulling (this means three-time champions in competitions in pulling heavy loads). Champions in specialized special breed exhibitions of ADBA and UKC organizations. These are the two top, oldest and most reliable organizations in the world that register American pit bull terriers. Absolutely champion pedigree. Uncle Millers Wild Storm Castle is the most awarded pit bull terrier in the world! In sports competitions and exhibitions! Millers Wild Storm Castle itself is the champion of several countries in exhibitions, the winner of special breed exhibitions of American pit bull terriers (where there were from 50 to 105 pit bulls at a time). Winner of sports competitions for pit bulls in Ukraine and Russia among 50 pit bulls! Multiple winner of all-breed competitions. Really a very active, passionate, healthy champion. Health examination: blood, ultrasound. Does not have breed genetic diseases (there are personal certificates). Father of more than 300 pit bulls worldwide. His children are champions in exhibitions and sports in many countries around the world. Bloodline: OFRN-Old Family Red Nose

Mother: Dognik Bulls Indiana. Brought from the working pit bull kennel “Asadulla”. Brought from Dagestan. Bloodline: Red Alert (pure American blood). She has been examined for health and has personal genetic certificates.
This is the second litter from Dognik Bulls Indiana x Millers Wild Storm Castle. There were 8 puppies in the first litter. All grew up to be beautiful, medium-sized pit bulls. Kind to your family, people and children. They live with other animals and cats. Absolutely socially adequate American pitbull terriers.

About the character of the Dognik Bulls Wiskonsin puppy: kind and friendly. Active and passionate. He loves to play. Loves spending time with people. Lives well with other dogs in our kennel. Puppy price: 1500 euros. This price includes: puppy, all vaccinations, treatment for worms and fleas and ticks, European veterinary passport, registered animal identification microchip, pedigree, purchase and sale contract. As a bonus, the owner receives a reminder about a puppy from the Dognik Bulls kennel. In it you will find answers to all the most frequently asked questions. And get a lot of information about the puppy itself.
An additional bonus from our nursery: before leaving for a new home, each puppy is additionally examined by a veterinarian with a clinical examination report in the veterinary passport.
Also in our nursery we now have newborn puppies: girls and boys. Write, tell us about yourself and buy the pit bull of your dreams.
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Delivery available anywhere in the world. Our gumtree pit bulls live in 25 countries around the world.

gumtree pitbull