How dangerous are American Pitbull Terriers?

Real experience from the owner of an American pitbull terrier kennel since 2011.
The main points why American pitbull terriers are considered dangerous. Allegedly, they often attack people. Supposedly they cannot live in families with children. They are also not friends with other dogs.
And now in detail with examples for each point. About the attack of pit bull terriers on people. Initially, the breed was bred for fighting. That is, pit bulls fought with pit bulls. And aggression towards a person (any manifestation of aggression) was culling. Because when the dogs fought, they had to be without collars. And the person had to be able to pull them away from each other, if necessary. Dogs that, in the excitement of a fight, could turn their attention to a person were already culled. That is, the entire history of the American Pitbull Terrier breed is built on the prohibition of aggression towards humans. At the moment I have 10 American pit bull terriers of different bloodlines in my kennel. None of these dogs would even think of attacking me or getting into trouble with me. Of these dogs, I have three males. They treat strangers on the street very well. If necessary, a pit bull, like any dog, can be trained to guard. But innately they do not have protective qualities. Unlike such dog breeds as Dobermans, German Shepherds, Malinois, Rottweilers. These dogs were bred with the ability to come into conflict with humans. Their genetic program contains working functions. And work for them is security. It initially implies the possibility of conflict with a person. Therefore, these breeds of dogs bite people and do not experience discomfort. After all, it is in their blood.
According to my research, all the known cases where “a pit bull bit a person” were not true. Since these were not purebred American pit bull terriers. That is, dogs with a complete and reliable pedigree (ADBA or UKC). Of course, I have heard about cases of poor (low-quality) breeding of American pit bulls. Where they bred two pit bulls with bad mental health. Such dogs can give unexpected reactions to any action. This is why it is so important to buy an American Pitbull Terrier puppy from a reputable kennel. For example, in our pit bull kennel “DOGNIK BULLS”.
Further. I conducted a study to estimate how common pit bull terriers are in Europe. That is, how much more or less of them there are than the Labradors, Dobermans, Rottweilers, and Shepherds that bite people. Statistics: pit bulls are allowed in Finland, Latvia, Estonia, Ukraine, Belarus, Russia, Sweden, Czech Republic, Ireland, Italy, Slovenia. Pit bull terriers can live, but with additional permissions from the owners (that is, consider when you pay the state additional money and also pay for civil insurance): in Switzerland, Spain, Lithuania. Pit bulls are completely prohibited in France (although in reality there are a lot of them, even purebred ones), Great Britain (in reality, the British buy a lot of pit bulls every month from Eastern European countries), Croatia, and Germany. That is, in half of the European countries there is either a ban or restrictions on owning a pit bull terrier dog. So, what could be the real statistics? None. Not prohibited Rottweilers, Dobermans, and German Shepherds actually bite people. But since they are entitled to this by breed, the authorities of different countries are inactive. They decided 40 years ago that they would ban pit bull terriers everywhere. That’s how they do it. Although this is absolutely unfair to truly purebred pit bull terriers.
About the life of American pitbull terriers and children. In fact, pitbulls do great with children. Just like any other breed of dog. Remember, a pit bull is just an active dog, energetic, who loves long walks and his family. This is not a monster that is born and wants to bite the stomach of a child passing by. A pit bull, like any other dog, wants love, attention, tasty and healthy food.
Our American pit bull terriers from the DOGNIK BULLS kennel live well with our daughter. She is 1 year old. They also go for walks with our neighbors’ children every day. And there are 6 of these children for some neighbors and two for other neighbors. Do you think someone would allow children to have contact with a bunch of American pit bull terriers if they were inadequate? Here’s real life with pit bulls. They are not dangerous if they are born from good parents and raised by mentally healthy people.
I’ll tell you a really sad story. Once a man from Estonia bought a puppy from me. The family has three children. The puppy lived with them for exactly two weeks. Then he called and said that he was afraid that in a year the pit bull would bite all his children.
I, as a good breeder, told him to bring the puppy back. During these two weeks, this man’s wife sent photos of the puppy with the children and everything was fine.
This clown brings me a dog. And the puppy just presses into the ground. It is obvious that she was beaten. Why can you beat a small puppy at 4 months old? Absolutely inadequate buyer. I restored the psyche of this pitbull several times. She was afraid when a hand was raised next to her. That is, this man beat her the entire time she lived with them. For what? What prompted a man weighing over 100 kg to hit a puppy? It is very easy to break a puppy’s psyche. Even if it is a well-bred pit bull terrier. Puppies absorb everything from their environment.
When we took the puppy back (our neighbors with children were with us), we went to the neighbors to fry kebabs. The puppy was great with us, communicated with the children and showed absolutely no aggression. I was just scared.
Ultimately, we left this puppy in our kennel. I really liked her. A month after it was returned to us, we have already participated in two exhibitions. Experts noted in the description that the puppy is tense and needs more contact with people. But I was not in the mood to explain that this is the contact with people that we are looking for at the exhibition. Spending time for a little pitbull with me. Returning her faith to people. Another month later, having enormous experience, I almost completely restored her psyche. And we again visited two exhibitions. This time all the experts praised the wonderful little pit bull.
At this point, a year has passed since this story. This puppy became a beautiful American Pitbull Terrier. She is friends with dogs, people, children. He enjoys running on a treadmill, walking in the forest, and visiting exhibitions. He licks our daughter and sleeps with his tummy up. She is absolutely happy and relaxed.
So I’ll tell you this. People make dogs dangerous. Good American Pit Bull Terriers themselves are not dangerous. They are friendly and cheerful. They love life and enjoy every minute of it.
American Pit Bull Terriers can live with other dogs. You need to choose the right breeding lines. Our pit bulls live and are friends with each other.
If you really want to get an American Pitbull Terrier puppy. But you have doubts about whether pit bulls are dangerous. Write to us at the pit bull kennel “DOGNIK BULLS”. We will discuss your specific situation and decide whether you really need such an active dog as a pit bull.
For my part, I guarantee that all American pitbull terriers Dognik Bulls have a stable psyche and are not dangerous.
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All pit bull terrier puppies in our kennel are wormed, vaccinated, with a European veterinary passport, with an ADBA pedigree, with a registered microchip, with a contract. Price of a pit bull terrier puppy Dognik Bulls: 2000-2500 euros (2200-2700 dollars). Our American Pitbull Terriers live in 26 countries around the world. Our nursery has been known and trusted for many years.
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