How to Adopt a Pitbull Terrier from Spain. Reality

You have decided to adopt a pitbull terrier. You have heard that in Spain there are many American pitbull terriers for adoption.
I am closely related to both Spanish pitbull terriers and purebred American pitbull terriers in Europe in principle. Therefore, I will tell you all the pros and cons of adopting a pitbull terrier from Spain.
The first thing you must understand. Purebred pit bull terriers (with a pedigree) very rarely end up in shelters in Europe in general. Yes, they can get there because of a bad owner, but this is rare. That is, in Spain you will be offered a dog for adoption that looks like a pit bull. But his mom or dad could be a dog of any other breed, and his grandmother could be a mongrel. Therefore, you cannot predict that such a dog will behave like a real American Pit Bull Terrier. That is, it is activity, excitement, love for people and children. Second important point. It is in Spain that there are very serious laws regarding the breeding of pets. These are special requirements for keeping dogs and regulations, opening private enterprises (autonomo) to pay taxes, obtaining a license from the Spanish government to breed dogs. It is very difficult to obtain a license. Therefore, there are practically no breeders of American pit bull terriers in Spain. I know only two in all of vast Spain.
Next, when you find a dog you like, you will need to fill out an application. The questionnaire will contain questions about your family, where you live (house or apartment), whether you have other animals, and whether you have children. Most often, it is at this stage that people are denied adoption of a pit bull from Spain. They are reluctantly given to families with children (since these dogs are not actually pit bulls, but mestizos with an unknown psyche). They are also reluctant to give to people without experience with pit bulls or Staffordshire terriers.
Next, one of the important points is a personal visit. If you are in Spain, you can come to the shelter and meet a pit bull terrier. If you live in another country, this is not possible. Either they will refuse you, or they will insist that you come to meet them. This is a very appropriate point, it is really necessary. Calculate how much it will cost to fly to Spain and back.
Next, you will need to pay something like “compensation for leaving the shelter.” This is several hundred euros. These include shelter work, microchipping and vaccinations for pit bull terriers.
If the shelter is not in central cities like Madrid, Barcelona, ​​etc., then you will also pay for transportation to a major city. And shelters do not have the right to be there, according to strict Spanish laws. They can only be located in areas remote from human buildings with huge restrictions. So you will pay a few hundred euros more for all this transport. By the way, according to Spanish laws, even the transport of dogs from a shelter must be special. It cannot just be any volunteer’s personal car. Although here, many do not comply with this point of the law.
As someone familiar with Spanish flora and fauna, I must warn you. Almost all dogs in shelters in Spain (and American pit bull terriers and other breeds) suffer from leishmaniasis. This disease is transmitted to dogs by mosquito bites. She is incurable. You can only maintain the body in a state of remission. But several times a year there will be exacerbations. Treatment is very expensive. Be prepared for this. This disease is common in Spain, Italy, and parts of France.
Remember, a pit bull terrier does not always end up in a shelter and be immediately adopted. Sometimes dogs live there for six months, a year, two years. They adapt to life in the shelter and find it difficult in the family. And it’s hard for potential owners too. A dog has its own habits. For example, howling at 2 am. Suffer from separation anxiety and so on.
You must understand that if you want to adopt a pit bull terrier from Spain, it will not be easy. And very expensive. In fact, you will save the dog’s life. But she is not a pit bull terrier in reality.
As a human being, I support you and will help you contact the right shelters in Spain. But if you are not ready for all these difficulties, then just buy an American Pitbull Terrier puppy. Real, with pedigree. Raise him to suit you from childhood and live happily.
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