How to introduce a newborn baby to a dog

Hello, my name is Veronika Voitovska. I am an expert canine specialist, a doctor, a judge of exhibitions and sports competitions for dogs, a zoopsychologist, and the owner of a large European kennel of serious dog breeds “Dognik Bulls” (American pit bull terriers and American bullies). I personally have 10 pit bulls and 5 American bullies. And also a child, children of neighbors and acquaintances who constantly play and come into contact with our dogs.
I constantly help introduce dogs of different breeds to newborn babies. I’ll tell you how to do it too.
You must understand that any dog ​​can harm a newborn baby weighing 2-4 kg simply by accidentally stepping on it. Therefore, you need to work with the dog, even if it is not aggressive, but very kind. And start working before giving birth. Then you will have neither time nor energy. And perhaps desires, you will be tired after childbirth. I know families where they simply gave their dogs away. But this is not the solution for a modern adequate person.
A dog is a living being and will be interested in the child. Therefore, even before the birth of the child, you need to work out the main points with the dog. It is important to teach your dog self-control (sit, lie down and relax on command). And also prohibiting commands “no” and “fu”. This is what you will need most, provided that the dog is not initially aggressive towards people and strangers.
You must decide how much contact the dog will have with the newborn baby. Will you let the dog on the bed, let him lie next to the child? Let the child lick (don’t be surprised, half of families with children do this).
I recommend deworming your dog about 2 months before the baby is born. If you see worms in your stool, you should re-give the anthelmintic drug after 2 weeks. Also give your dog a complete blood test and blood biochemistry to know that he is healthy. You don’t need surprises when your dog gets sick and you and your two-week-old baby go to the veterinary clinic. I personally went, but I have a lot of dogs, including old ones. But if you have one or two dogs, it’s easier. It is better to make sure in advance that they are completely healthy and there will be no surprises while you are in the maternity hospital or immediately after childbirth.
Determine who in the family will continue to walk the dog and give it exercise. The dog should not suddenly feel unnecessary.
Strictly, consistently and regularly allow or forbid the dog to do what it does with the child. For example, if she happily sniffs the baby’s heels and face, then everything is fine. Praise her. But if she starts running around the child out of joy and destroying everything in her path, then she needs to be calmed down. And prohibit such behavior. If you see signs of aggression or excessive overstimulation of the nervous system in your dog, then you prohibit such behavior. And don’t babysit with her. It is important.
In general, each problematic case of a dog meeting a newborn child is individual. If you need advice, please contact me:
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