Komany kennel pitbull puppies for sale

Exclusive puppies in Europe! Mating: Dognik Bulls Godena x Maximus Eightball. The only and dense accumulation of such bloodlines of American pit bull terriers: Komany kennel pitbull and Genetic kennel pitbull.
We expect the birth of puppies in the fall of 2024. Reservations are open.
We are waiting for puppies with the true temperament of a pit bull terrier: brave, fearless, active, with good drive, gambling, and a strong grip. Very sane and adequate towards people and children.
Mother of puppies: Dognik Bulls Godena. Born in our nursery. Progeny tested female. She produced three litters of American pit bull terrier puppies. All three times she bred to different males. Bloodlines: Old Family Red Nose, Lonzo, Red Alert. The future mother of the puppies herself was born from imported dogs. Her father was brought from the American nursery Real Deal Chocolates (Florida, America). Champion in exhibitions and sports in several countries. Representative of a full champion pedigree (all ancestors have American titles in sports competitions, grand champions in weight pulling competitions, ADBA champions). The mother of Dognik Bulls Godena was brought from the Bulgarian kennel “Zorba kennel”. Exclusively working breeding. Dognik Bulls Godena is a wonderful dog. Excellent character, easy to train and control. Very gambling and sporty. Does not have breed genetic diseases (testing). Lives in a nursery and with a small child. An ideal socially safe dog.

American pitbull terrier kennel breeding
Father of the puppies: Maximus Eightball. The only male American Pitbull Terrier in Europe with such a pedigree! This is an exclusive dog. Our kennel is very lucky that the owner of the Polish kennel “Maximus kennel” agreed to breed this male. We are proud of our dogs and future puppies. He carries such rare pit bull bloodlines as: Komany pitbull kennel, Genetic pitbull kennel, Lonzo pitbull bloodlines. Fully examined for health. Does not have dysplasia of the hip and elbow joints (results AA/00). Does not have breed genetic diseases (certificate). Has a healthy heart (certificate).

Expected puppy colors: black, black and brindle, chocolate with a red nose, red and brindle with a red nose, red with a black nose, red with a red nose.
All puppies will have ADBA pedigree, vaccinations, veterinary passport, registered microchip, purchase and sale contract.
This is an away mating to Poland. This means that for 1-2 weeks we will go to live in Poland and mate. The price of puppies from an out-breeding to a male of this level is 2500 euros.
These are the ancestors in the pedigree of the puppies. This is an online pedigree. Each pitbull puppy will have the same one in printed format from the ADBA club

More information, booking details and other questions:
Email: dognikb@gmail.com
Instagram: dognikbulls
Our American pit bull terriers live in 25 countries around the world. Delivery available throughout Europe, USA, Canada, Brazil.

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