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In the official kennel of American pitbull terriers «Dognik Bulls» puppies are for sale! Currently available 1 red male and 4 females (3 black and 1 chocolate). The price is 1500 euros. Puppies are fully vaccinated (complex vaccinations plus rabies vaccination), with a registered microchip, with a veterinary European passport, with an ADBA (American Dog Breeders Association) pedigree.
Puppies are born from imported parents. Fully champion pedigree! In the blood of our dogs are American Champions in ADBA and UKC shows, American grand champions in weight pulling, champions and grand champions in the working ring, sports champions. With pleasure I will tell and show all the ancestors of our puppies during communication. The article simply does not fit all the information.
Photos of our purebred pitbull puppies:

Photos of close relatives of our pitbull puppies:

Why should you choose our American pitbull kennel «Dognik Bulls»? We are registered with the oldest pit bull organization in the world, the American Dog Breeders Association. All our puppies go to new homes with ADBA pedigrees. All of our pit bulls are genetically tested. We have been dealing with purebred pit bulls since 2011. I am the head of the cattery, my name is Veronika Voitovska. I am a general practitioner, a certified cynologist-expert, a massage therapist, a judge of weight pulling competitions, a judge of international exhibitions. More than 300 pit bulls are born in our cattery, they live in 22 countries of the world. We have vast experience with this breed and with different breeding lines of pit bulls. All our dogs are athletic, muscular, healthy pit bulls. We are in touch with the owners of our pit bulls 24/7. We have extensive experience in delivering to any country in the world, we will always help bring your puppy to you. Often we personally deliver puppies and get to know each other personally. Sometimes people come to our kennel for their purebred pitbull puppy. Then we introduce people to our pitbulls, to the parents of the puppies, grandparents of the puppies.
To buy a really cool, healthy, thoroughbred pitbull puppy, write to us:
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