Pitbull for stud
In the Dognik Bulls breeding kennel, an American Pit Bull Terrier male is open for stud — Miller’s Wild Storm aka Castle.
Brought from the Real Deal Chocolates kennel, which is located in Florida, USA.
At the moment, Castle is almost 7 years old. He is health tested, genetically tested (absolutely healthy, all NN tests). Sport tested. Tested for offspring. About 300 children of Castle live in 20 countries of the world.
Castle conveys such traits: medium size (females 16-23 kg, males 20-26 kg), a very driving character, passion, fearlessness, love of life, love for people, sports passion, pressure and perseverance. Castle’s children have been examined and are healthy. Among his children: Top Dog of Italy 2020 according to UKC (Dognik Bulls Lanna Shi)! Winner of the all-breed show in Ukraine — Dognik Bulls Rio Grande (Best in Show-1st place). Puppy class winner at the Monobreed Show in Moscow (more than 120 pit bulls) — Dognik Bulls Abronia. Winners of competitions in guard duty, IGP in Russia! Winners of the pit bull-amstaff all-around competition in Russia (first places in all sports disciplines). Winners of coursing and racing competitions (running after a mechanical hare).
Miller’s Wild Storm itself is born from an ADBA and UKC champion, Miller’s Brown Sugar. This female is very titled in sports in America, in shows, grand champion in weight pulling competitions in America. Castle’s father is Miller’s Eye of the Tiga. Titled in ADBA shows, pit bull competitions and weight pulling. Uncle Castle is the most titled pit bull terrier in the world — Fonvielle’s A&N Stuff of Legends.
Miller’s Wild Storm aka Castle is ADBA and UKC pedigree and is open for matings (pitbull for stud). Requirements for females: full pedigree (sporting or working ancestors). Achievements in sports competitions or in high-level exhibitions. The cost of knitting is 3000 euros. Castle is located in Riga, Latvia. It is possible to ship frozen sperm worldwide. The price of knitting is 3000 euros. Castle carries the blood of the oldest breeding line of American Pit Bull Terriers — Old Family Red Nose. Titles in exhibitions: 2x Junior Champion of Ukraine, Junior Winner of Ukraine, 4x Best Junior at Monobreed Pit Bullshow in Ukraine and Russia, Candidate for Junior Champion of Russia, Candidate for Junior Federation Champion, Candidate for Russian Champion in working qualities, Junior Club Champion («Brave Fighter, Moscow, Russia), Candidate for Champion of Ukraine, Candidate for International Champion of Beauty, Champion of Ukraine, 7x Best Male, 6x Best of Breed, Champion of Breed. Sporting achievements: Springpole — 1st place, hanging on the grip — 3rd place among 50 pit bulls, unsupported jump — 3rd place among 50 pit bulls, dog-puller run: twice 1st place, 1 time 3rd place, dog-puller jumps: twice 1st place, once 5th place.
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Miller’s Brown Sugar pitbull

Miller’s Eye of the Tiga pitbull

Fonvielle’s A&N Stuff of Legends pitbull

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