Pitbull kennel Canada

Welcome to the pitbull kennel Canada — “Dognik Bulls”. You can buy a pitbull puppy in our kennel, get advice on raising and raising our puppy, and get a loyal and passionate pitbull terrier.

We have been working with American PitBull Terriers since 2011. Over the years, our kennel has formed a typical, enthusiastic, healthy, active population of pitbulls. We use american bloodlines — OFRN (Old Family Red Nose), Lonzo, Boudreaux. And European bloodlines — Red Alert, Jumbo, DDWW. Over the years, we have bred the same pitbulls, typical for our kennel — strong, hardy, muscular even with little physical exertion. What can pitbulls from «Dognik Bulls» kennel Canada do? Nosework, protective training, high performance in sports (long jump — 470 cm, high jump — 215 cm, wall climbing — 380 cm). Our pitbulls are champions in different canine systems, as well as champions of many European countries — Italy, Latvia, Lithuania, Great Britain, Germany, Estonia, Ukraine, Russia, Belarus and so on.
An example of adult american pitbull terriers from the Dognik Bulls kennel in Canada:

All our dogs are tested for the absence of breed genetic diseases — cerebellar ataxia, retinal atrophy, hyperuricosuria. Most of our dogs (the younger generation of pit bulls in the kennel) are tested for the absence of joint dysplasia (AA/00).
The main direction of breeding in the pitbull kennel “Dognik Bulls” Canada: healthy, strong, hardy american pitbull terriers. For sports, sports training, protective training, excellent family companions. Showing at conformation shows pitbulls is a bonus, not a necessity for this breed.
Our dogs live with children. While living in the kennel, our pitbull Canada undergo early socialization — communication with our child and neighbors’ children, communication with other dogs in the kennel, basic training, leash and collar training. We live in the forest, so the puppies are raised with active walking in the fresh air. They have excellent strong paws and good immunity.
To reserve a puppyfrom pitbull kennel Canada, write to us:
Email: dognikb@gmail.com
Instagram: dognikbulls
Tell us about yourself and your family, tell us about your experience with dogs.
The price of a puppy is 1500-2500 euros. Depends on whether the mating was done in our kennel or whether it was a traveling mating in Europe (to get new, best blood to our pitbull kennel Canada). All puppies go to new families with vaccinations, a veterinary passport, an ADBA pedigree, a microchip, and instructions for caring for and raising a puppy from the pitbull kennel Canada (10 pages of important text).
Each puppy is individual, we talk about each puppy, show puppies and are open to communication. We have some american pitbull terrier puppies Canada for sale right now!
Kennel located in Latvia, Europe. We deliver to absolutely all countries of the world. But the choice of families for our puppies is serious. We do not sell to the bad families, even if they have the money to pay for a pitbull puppy from the Dognik Bulls kennel. Our pitbulls live in 25 countries around the world — throughout Europe and America!
Join our pitbull kennel and become part of the large international family of American pitbull terriers “Dognik Bulls”.
Sincerely, Veronika Voitovska (family doctor, expert dog handler, judge of weight-pulling competitions, judge of american pitbull terrier shows in Europe).


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