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The only American pit bull terrier kennel registered in Latvia «Dognik Bulls» was founded in 2011, since 2016 it has been breeding its own American pit bull terrier line — Castlesline. The line is based on Old Family Red Nose dogs with the addition of working breeding, Jumbo, DDWW, Red Alert blood were used.

For many years we have been getting strong, with big voluminous heads, thinking, very gambling and driving American Pit Bull Terriers. The average size of our pit bulls is 20-24 kg. Height at the withers is 43-50 cm. Depending on the mating, we have pit bulls larger or smaller in weight. All graduates of the pit bull nursery Latvia live well with children of different ages. Our dogs have an adequate strong psyche.

Pit bulls in the Latvian nursery are tested for breed genetic diseases, regularly examined by a veterinarian, perform and win at exhibitions in Latvia and abroad, win in sports competitions in different countries. Graduates of the pit bull kennel «Dognik Bulls» Latvia live in 20 countries of the world.

Champions of Latvia, Champions of Estonia, Champions of the Baltic States, Champions of Italy, Champions of Ukraine, Champions of Belarus, Champions of Russia were born in Latvian American Pit Bull Terrier kennel “Dognik Bulls”. Champions in sports competitions in Latvia, Lithuania, Finland, Ukraine, Russia, Belarus, etc.

There are puppies in our American Pit Bull Terrier Kennel Latvia several times a year. You can contact us and discuss what kind of puppy you want — female or male, color, adult size, expected character and more. Be sure to tell us about yourself and your family, so it will be easier for us to tell you which puppies from which matings of pit bulls will suit you. Prices for our American Pit Bull Terrier puppies are 1000-2000 euros on average.

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