Pitbull pros and cons

Advantages of the American Pit Bull Terrier breed:

1. This is a medium sized dog and therefore does not have the problems of many large breeds of joint disease (eg hip and elbow dysplasia are not common in the American Pit Bull Terrier breed).

2. Short hair does not require additional care — grooming, trimming, that is, additional time and financial costs. He bathed, combed out with a brush and the dog like a muscled statue.

3. Pit bulls are dogs with high intelligence. Training is easy for them, they really grasp and process new information on the fly.

4. Pit bulls love to play. With you, with children. It can be games with a ball or any toy, or it can be just catching up and running a race. The pit bull terrier is the kind of dog that «boils for anything.»

5. Pit bulls are not allergic, and therefore can eat industrial feed or natural food without problems. Most miniature breeds, white dogs have a lot of food allergies and this is for the whole life of the dog, long 10-15 years. Do you want such pain for yourself for a huge layer of life? Better get a pit bull with all its pluses and live happily ever after.

6. Genetics are very important in a pit bull. Therefore, buying a pit bull puppy in a reliable nursery is already a guarantee of many positive aspects — health, adequate psyche, pedigree behavior.

7. The advantage of a good pit bull is that he obeys all family members equally. This is especially true for the docile bitches of the pit bull terrier.

Cons of the American Pit Bull Terrier breed:

1. The main disadvantage of the pit bull breed is that they live only 10-15 years, and not our whole life, and this ultimately breaks the hearts of the owners.

2. Pit bulls have zooaggression, and not always males get along with males, and sometimes not all females can live with any other dog. And it doesn’t matter if the second dog has a docile character or a fighting one. It is very dependent on the breeding lines of American Pit Bull Terriers. If you are not sure that the American Pit Bull Terrier puppy you have chosen will get along with your family, cat and child, it is better to contact a professional nursery, where they will select a puppy according to your requests from well-known and proven offspring parents. You can write or call me to discuss the purchase of a pit bull in the Dognik Bulls kennel. Wherever you are, you can come and meet our adult dogs and puppies. Or we will help you choose a puppy based on our experience from our matings. We have already sent our pit bulls to 20 countries of the world many times, therefore no distance is an obstacle for us so that you get a classy and reliable 100% pit bull of pure breeding lines. Prices for a thoroughbred pit bull in our cattery vary from 1000 euros to 2200 euros.

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