Extraordinary litter of American Pitbull Terriers Finland.

2 pit bull terrier boys and 3 pit bull terrier girls for sale. Pit bull puppies for sale from these parents:
Sire: Miller’s Wild Storm aka Castle (Champion of several countries in shows, Junior Champion, Grand Champion, Champion in sport, Candidate for Champion in working qualities, Top dog in the breed — title «BBB- Best of the Best of Breed», Junior Club Champion ). Brought from America. From the sports kennel «Real Deal Chocolates». Clear from ataxia, crd2PRA (genetic diseases of the American Pit Bull Terrier breed). Father of over 300 pit bulls around the world! Top sire in the American Pit Bull breed. Registered with ADBA.
Mother: Dognik Bulls Anksunamun. Clean from ataxia. Came from the working nursery «Zorba», which is located in Bulgaria. Blood workers, Jumbo line. You won’t find a pit bull with more Jumbo blood in Europe than our Anksunamun!
This is a duplicate litter of american pitbulls of these parents. We have already received several puppies from them. All grow strong, with an excellent nervous system. Boys from these puppies usually weigh 25-28 kg, girls 17-20 kg.
The pitbull terrier puppies were born on February 11, 2023. Ready to move into new homes. They move with a European veterinary passport, ADBA pedigree, vaccinated and examined by a veterinarian, with a registered microchip, with reminder documents for the first year of a puppy’s life. The price of a puppy is 1500 euros.
American Pitbull Terriers from Dognik Bulls live in 20 countries. Therefore, we will help with delivery, if necessary.
Photos of pitbull puppies:

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Pitbull puppies for sale Finland