Pitbull terrier kennel California

We have been living and breeding with american pitbull terriers since 2011. Welcome to the «DOGNIK BULLS» kennel. Our kennel is officially registered in ADBA-American Dog Breeders Association. You can buy a pitbull terrier puppy  in California from our kennel (also delivery to any other state).
The basis for breeding our dogs was a male from the Florida kennel “Real Deal Chocolates” (at the moment they are no longer working). We bought from them a male OFRN (Old Family Red Nose) bloodline named Millers Wild Storm aka Castle (son of Millers Eye of the Tiga x ADBA champion UKC champion Millers Brown Sugar. We also use Lonzo bloodline, Brazilian blood Old Family Red Nose, Yugoslav Jumbo bloodlines, Russian bloodlines Red Alert and Brave Fighters, Ukrainian blood DDWW.
Now typical american pitbull terriers from “Dognik Bulls” are medium-sized pitbulls, very passionate and hardy, with strong prey instincts. They live well in families with children. We do not have dogs of Chinaman bloodline! We do not use bloodlines that produce pitbulls that bite people due to poor mental health.
All pitbull terriers from our kennel undergo full early socialization: walking in the kennel and outside the kennel, anthelmintic, vaccination, microchipping, socialization with children and strangers, getting used to traveling in a car, cutting nails, and so on. All puppies are ADBA registered and will be ADBA pedigree.
This is what the pitbull terriers of our breeding look like (California pitbull terrier kennel):
American pitbull terrier kennelAmerican pitbull terrier kennelPitbull terrier kennel AmericanAmerican pitbull terrier kennel
We do full examinations of dogs before breeding. Also, all dogs in the kennel are genetically tested. They do not have cerebellar ataxia, retinal atrophy,  hyperuricosuria.
Each year, several litters of puppies are born at our pitbull terrier kennel California. Price: 2200-2700 dollars. To reserve pitbull terrier puppy in California, write to us. In your first message, tell us about yourself and your experience with dogs.
Email: dognikb@gmail.com
Instagram: dognikbulls
Currently, pitbull terrier kennel California has several puppies for sale. Write and buy the pitbull of your dreams.

The pitbull kennel is located in Europe at the moment (in Latvia country). We help with delivery to California and other states of America. Our pitbull terriers live in 25 countries: Finland, Estonia, Russia, Ukraine, Belarus, Latvia, Lithuania, Poland, Denmark, Sweden, Czech Republic, Italy, Spain, Holland, Belgium, Great Britain, Ireland, United States of America, France, Germany and etc.
Sincerely, owner of the american pitbull terrier kennel “Dognik Bulls”. Doctor. Expert dog handler. Animal psychologist.
I speak English, Russian and and Spanish a little. Feel free to ask any questions.



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