Pitbull terrier kennel Florida

Professional kennel of american pitbull terriers “Dognik Bulls”. Registration with ADBA (American Dog Breeders Association). Together with pitbulls since 2011. We will help you buy a pitbull terrier puppy in Florida.
We are engaged in breeding american pitbull terriers of European level. Old American bloodlines (for example OFRN — Old Family Red Nose) are combined with Yugoslavian Jumbo bloodlines, Russian Red Alert bloodlines, and Ukrainian DDWW bloodlines.
Our dogs are champions in European sports competitions, exhibitions, and training.
See by yourself how athletic, well-muscled, passionate and driven they are. Real american pitbull terriers (pitbull terrier kennel Florida):
Pitbull terrier kennel AmericanAmerican pitbull terrier kennel
Our pitbulls are medium sized. We breed american pitbull Terriers only in standard colors: red, black, chocolate, white, cream. No mixed breeds like lilac, blue or merle dogs that look like pit bulls.
We test our American Pit Bull Terriers for genetic breed diseases (ataxia, retinal atrophy, hyperuricosuria). All our bitches are additionally examined by a veterinarian before each breeding.
Our kennel located in Europe, in Latvia. However, we sell american pitbull terrier puppies all over the world. Including delivery to United States. Our price for a pitbull puppy is: 2200-2700 dollars. Shipping varies by state, approximately $1500-2000.
The kennel currently has several pitbull puppies for sale. Contact us for details.
Email: dognikb@gmail.com
Instagram: dognikbulls
Sincerely, head of the Dognik Bulls kennel- Veronika Voitovska. General practitioner. Expert dog handler. Animal psychologist.


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