Welcome to the site of the pitbull kennel «Dognik Bulls» Ireland. Our pitbull kennel has been working with purebred pit bulls since 2011.

We brought top pit bulls from all over the world — from America (the world-famous Real Deal Chocolates pit bull terrier kennel, Florida), from Brazil (Hoff’s Dusheik kennel), from Russia (Asadulla and Brave Fighter kennels), from Bulgaria (working pit bull kennel Zorba). We make traveling matings all over the world with extra-class males! Winners of the most prestigious ADBA exhibitions in Europe, with Champions in sports and exhibitions. Pit Bulls from Dognik Bulls are bred in Latvia, Poland, Czech Republic!
Our personal pit bulls from the Dognik Bulls kennel regularly win the most famous pit bull show. Every year 100-150 pit bull terriers gather there. Just imagine what it means to win such a big show and become Best in Show! And pit bulls from our kennel regularly win.
Our pit bulls jump 6 meters long, 4 meters high and so on! Healthy, athletic, adequate pit bulls are at Dognik Bulls.
All of our dogs are registered with the best and most reliable organization for American Pit Bull Terriers — ADBA (American Dog Breeders Association). The ADBA pedigree confirms a purebred pit bull. No other pedigrees issued by other organizations can be trusted.
This is what adult pitbulls from the Dognik Bulls kennel look like in Ireland:

At the moment there are puppies for sale in the pit bull kennel Ireland «Dognik Bulls». From the mating of Champion Miller’s Wild Storm aka Castle (brought from America) and Dognik Bulls Indiana (brought from Dagestan). Available 4 puppies (1 girl and 3 boys). The rest of the puppies have already gone to their new homes — several puppies to Finland, Estonia, Poland, Romania, Switzerland. The price of a puppy is 1500 euros. Puppies leave with a veterinary passport, vaccination, registered microchip, ADBA pedigree. As well as a bonus from the pit bull kennel Ireland — a memo about each puppy. It tells how the puppy grew and developed, how to feed him and what, how to educate him, when to do the next vaccinations, treatments for ticks and worms, and so on. This is a treasure trove of useful information for the puppy owner. All our puppies are socialized with children, with other dogs. Many walk around the territory of the nursery. Puppies do not have pedigree genetic diseases (their parents have genetic tests done).
Photos of pitbull puppies for sale Ireland:

To buy the best pit bull from the Dognik Bulls kennel Ireland, write to us. In the first message, tell us about yourself and about the house that you can offer a really cool puppy from our kennel:
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Email: dognikb@gmail.com
Pit bull puppies from our kennel live in 24 countries of the world. Join us too.
Sincerely, the head of the kennb, Veronika Voitovska. Expert cynologist, pit bull show judge in Europe, power sports judge for American Pit Bull Terriers.